Cant un/reinstall mongoDB.mongodb-windows-x86_64-4.4.1-signed.msi not found

I cant uninstall mongoDB because mongodb-windows-x86_64-4.4.1-signed.msi not found.How can i download this file?I just founded 4.4.3 version.Please help

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Hi @Gergely_Karl,
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Please visit this link and your device will be automatically detected and after visiting the page just click the download button to download and you can customize among the available versions

Click on this link to download the latest version as of today is 4.4.3 Windows MSI

I hope it will help you to solve your issue!

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The latest patch version 4.4.3 should be fine as a replacement for 4.4.1 as the only changes are bug fixes.

But if you have stringent requirements for this version or many previous ones you can find them in the archived releases. But that is only the zip versions.

For the msi have a look in:

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