BulkWrite in Function Realm


The BulkWrite doens’t work in Realm, so I tried to create a Realm Function, as suggested in Bulk write/operations in Realm Node JS SDK? - #3 by nlarew

The problem is that when I run too many commands at the same time, BulkWrite has an error. What is the commands limit?

Hi Bruno – Would you mind sharing the error that you’re running into? I’d also be happy to take a look at your application configuration if you want to PM me the link.


The problem happens when I send a lot of data to be executed by BulkWrite.

I put the Function to be executed by the System user, with that I increased the number of data I can send, but it still gives an error with, for example, 50,000 data. Any more effective solution to run BulkWrite via Realm with lots of data?