Alternative to limiting Database Users

Hi people,

I have a Node.JS program that sends data to a database via the mongodb driver.

Every customer of mine who owns this program has their own database. So that there are no security risks, for each customer I create a database user who can only access their own database.

The problem is that I currently have 40 databases, therefore I have 40 database users and the number will grow. When I pass 100, I will no longer be able to register, as this is the limit.

There is a possibility to increase this limit, but my support plan is free and support requires you to hire $49.00 support to request this increase. I don’t understand why they don’t accept this request via chat.

As an alternative I tried to create my users linked to a database and authentication via Custom Functions, according to the tutorial:

It worked. It’s just more complicated as I now have to use Realm instead of the MongoDB driver and it requires me to create rules for the collections. But in this case, I don’t have a limit on creating Realm App Users.

But then I found another problem, the BulkWrite function doesn’t exist in Realm (only in MongoDB Driver) and I use it in my Node.JS program to send information. This made it even more complicated, as the only solution would be to create a Realm Function that does this and call it my client program.

In doing so, I found that sending a lot of data to this BulkWrite Function from Realm simply generates an error: BulkWrite in Function Realm

So via Realm was much more complicated and it didn’t work. Via MongoDB Driver solves my problem in a simpler way, but it has a limit of 100 users and the support doesn’t increase the limit if I ask via chat.
Does anyone have alternatives to solve this problem?