Best method to start and structure a database?

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I want to build a tool, where users can ask customized questions about data on the blockchain. Let’s say they want to get a chart about price development on NFTs, then they should get every data available until today. Do I need to build a database for that? Do I need to store the data (local or cloud)? OR is it even possible that I build sth. with MongoDB that executes the query of my users on-demand?

That’s the background of my question. But I also really don’t know how to even start this. Any resources you would recommend or any method that’s the best to do such a project?

I have the impression setting up such a project requires some methodological knowledge which I do not have. So I’m hoping for people who have that kind of XP, even from different areas of data analysis.

Manymany thanks

Yes MongoDB could be used for this, there are many different design patterns that could be used to help make this app.

If you are new to MongoDB I would recommend the MongoDB University courses, they are free online and they will help you learn about setting up MongoDB, schemas, querying, etc. This will give you a good base to start answering some of those questions. There is also the MongoDB with Javascript class that will teach you using MongoDB and JS together to build a sample project to help you.

M001 - Intro to MongoDB Basics
M220JS - MongoDB for Javascript Developers


Hi @Marcel_Ohrenschall ,

Yes MongoDB is a great fit when working with modern data like NFT and Blockchain

I recommend reading the following:



Thanks, especially for the blockchain link.

I was missing a few hash in my chain of knowledge.
I felt like I was not part of the consensus.