Best index creation strategy

Please find the schema of a mongodb document.

	"_id" : ObjectId("000ac1da28d48426a46ba80b"), 
	"sentDate" : ISODate("2022-05-10T19:49:00Z"), 
	"rootId" : UUID("1623178c-9a7b-4e4f-a49c-6dda5cc4f47f"), 
	"vehicleId" : UUID("ff4fc2e9-9dae-4cb5-8834-c654fc39faa6"),
	"serialNumber" : "AB00016987"
	"points" : [{ 
		"point" : { 
			"type" : "Point", 
			"coordinates" : [82.655769000000006, -17.650956999999998] 

A collection has few billions documents. We have to create an index to improve the read operation and have to be careful for write operation as well.

db.sampleData.createIndex( { rootId: 1,  vehicleId: 1, sentDate: -1 } );
db.sampleData.createIndex( { rootId: 1,  serialNumber: 1, sentDate: -1 } );

Which index would be the best per MongoDB? Any suggestion on this.

Thanks much!


Which index is better depanding on type of queries and their operators … Just by looking on a sample documents we can never know.

Depanding on your server version , you may consider different strategies. Prior to 4.4 the main recommendation was Building massive indexes in MongoDB is best done in a rolling. Manner over replica sets:

But post 4.4 it depends on how impactful is the optimized index build. Read more here:


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