Atlas mongo to local mongodb

I am using Atlas mongodb for my application, however my application needs to be working while no internet situation also. So, I am planning to have a local mongo server which syncs with Atlas mongo and works during no internet situation. Any idea, how I can do that?

Realm, or now App Services

thanks, I am really new to mongodb, it is really appreciated if you can share any documents. Also, my application is .net core and can’t use realm.

Have you checked this? Realm .NET SDK — Realm (

latest version supports netstandard2.0 and net6.0. you need to upgrade parts of your app if it won’t compile.

Thanks for the reply. I like to explain my situation. My frontend(raect) & backend(.net core) both hosted in kubernetes (Azure) cluster and for the d/b it uses Atlas Mongo. User uses the browser to connect the application as Since it is a web based, the internet is mandatory, but in some rare cases the end user goes offline; I like to cover ‘no internet’ situation. - any idea?

As far as I know, Realm is like SQLite (forgive if you don’t know that too), that is, a very lightweight version MongoDB. But I think it fits to mobile apps as well as apps outside browsers.

I am not sure how MongoDB will fit in your situation, but there is this concept of “web workers”, “service workers” and “progressive web applications”. I suggest checking them out.