Atlas Data Lake is now GA

I’m happy to announce that MongoDB Atlas Data Lake is now Generally Available.

Over the past year we’ve received amazing feedback, done a ton of testing, iterated on the platform’s capabilities and improved performance. In addition to going GA we are also releasing a few new features now available in Atlas Data Lake.

  • Federated query allows you to run a single query to analyze your live Atlas cluster data and historical data on AWS S3 together and in-place, returning a single query response.

  • $out to Atlas and S3 gives you the power to persist the results of complex aggregations to your preferred storage tier – write data to Atlas clusters or write it to S3 in a read optimized structure.

  • Beta support for SQL aims to ease the usage of Atlas Data Lake for those who need or prefer to use SQL or want to connect to BI tools and AI/ML frameworks.

Take a look at the blog to learn more about these new features or you can read about them in our docs here.
If you have any features you’d like to see built please submit ideas through our feedback portal.