Add a "patterns" page in the MongoDB blog

Hey Community,

I’ve been reading some patterns blogs on the mongo blogs page.
These are really high quality posts but are kinda hard to stumble upon.
Can you please split up your technical blog posts into categories or something?


Hi there,

Do you mean the “Building with Patterns” series by Daniel Coupal? We could definitely use some better tagging, at the very least.

I’ll pass your suggestion along!



Yeah I mean that, also you wrote a 2 parter on bucket pattern and pagination.
I didn’t see that until I followed another post from the slack chat to here and you linked it.

Thanks for taking my suggestion seriously.

I fully agree, also Asya’s Blogs are more of a gold mine of information - thanks a lot Asya!
As with a gold mine you find something with luck, not on purpose. (Ok, the picture is poor but I visualizes the subject) To cluster these quality posts would be great - or make it an educational session check out the down mentioned post and cluster the educational sessions.


I’ve been meaning to update some of those posts for latest versions and have them on the MongoDB blog - I’d hate to send someone to an old technique that can be improved using newer features…

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Hi Michael,

How do you envision clustering the posts together?

I hope that all of our posts are quality posts! But it sounds like you have something specific in mind. What comes to mind for me is something like “blog posts to help you figure out schema” or “$group tips for agg pipeline”? Almost like the University courses…?


Hi Sheeri,

I have not seen any non quality blog post on the mdb pages. Grouping/clustering is a difficult task. How do I search for answers? There is not one path, and this would be one user… . Some times, you know the tool, sometimes only a subject, sometimes a command or only a message from the logs…
Since educational session are not a knowledge base, I would envision a structure more by (learning) subject than by tool, command, message or any other detail. This would come close to the ones at the MDB University.
However, the University provides full matured classes. I’d see educational sessions as quick runners peaking on new features in the first row. Beside this there is still quite a bit of best practice, how to’s and specialized blogs (e.g. the ones of the usage of patters for schema design) which could fit well here without hitting the ground of the university (speaking about usage of patterns e.g. class M320).
This is only my personal thinking, so it would be great to get more thoughts for brainstorming.?


Absolutely! If we get enough people sharing how they would look for such a thing, we could develop a path or set of paths that would accommodate most cases. (since right now there isn’t even a path!)