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Discussions about the MongoDB Shell, Database Tools (mongodump, mongoexport, mongostat, …), Compass, CLI for Cloud, MongoDB for VS Code, and other developer tools.

MongoDB Compass

As the GUI for MongoDB, MongoDB Compass allows you to make smarter decisions about document structure, querying, indexing, document validation, and more.

MongoDB Database Tools

The MongoDB Database Tools are a collection of command-line utilities for working with a MongoDB deployment. These tools release independently from the MongoDB Server schedule enabling you to receive more frequent updates and leverage new features as soon as they are available. Tools include mongodump, mongorestore, mongoimport, mongoexport, bsondump, mongostat, mongotop, and mongofiles.

MongoDB Shell

MongoDB Shell is the quickest way to connect, configure, query, and work with your MongoDB database. The new MongoDB Shell is a standalone product developed separately from the MongoDB Server and open-source under the Apache 2 license.

MongoDB CLI for Cloud

The MongoDB Command Line Interface (mongocli) is a tool for managing your MongoDB cloud services, like MongoDB Atlas, MongoDB Cloud Manager, and MongoDB Ops Manager. With the MongoDB CLI, you can quickly interact with your MongoDB deployments from the command line for easier testing and scripting.

MongoDB for VS Code

MongoDB for VS Code is an extension that allows you to quickly connect to MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas and work with your data to build applications right inside your code editor.