Forum category/tag adjustments June 2020

G’day MongoDB Community members!

It has been just over four months since we officially launched the MongoDB Developer Community Forums and there have been a lot of great discussions.

We’ve made a few small category/tag adjustments along the way to improve your experience, but have recently taken a more holistic look at the categories, tags, and discussion to better fit current usage.

Here’s what has changed:

  • “Drivers, ODMs, and Connectors” has been split into two categories: Drivers & ODMs and Connectors & Integrations. Connectors & Integrations includes discussions on Kafka, Spark, the MongoDB Connector for BI, and other integrations or use cases like ETL.

  • Tags referencing a programming language used to have -driver suffixes (for example, python-driver is now python). We’ve dropped the suffix to be more consistent with usage: discussions tagged with a programming language may be about drivers, SDKs, or other development questions. Any previously used tag names will redirect to their new equivalent.

  • We’ve added a new Developer Tools category for discussions about the MongoDB Shell, Compass, VS Code extension, and similar topics.

  • The “MongoDB Cloud” category has been renamed to MongoDB Atlas and there is a new top-level category for MongoDB Charts. Past discussions about MongoDB Stitch have been moved into the MongoDB Realm category.

  • The existing “Getting Started with MongoDB” has been renamed to Other MongoDB Topics and moved lower on the homepage category list. This category is for discussions that don’t fit into other categories.

We’ll also be adding some relevant resource links to the “About …” descriptions in each category and pinning those posts so they are easy to find. For example: About the Developer Tools category.

Please let us know what you think of the changes, or if you have any additional suggestions.


The MongoDB Community Team