1000 or so "Requests" per day on free tier in app services?

Trying out the free tier to get the hang of this…

In App services, we’re seeing about 1000 requests get added per day. Can’t figure out how that’s possible. We’re not using it anywhere near to that much.

We’ve looked in the App’s logs and the logs don’t show anywhere near this number of requests.

How can we begin to understand why we’re seeing this many requests added each day?


go to the network section and add restrictions to allowed IPs, preferably only your app’s host IP and developer machine’s. This will prevent access from anywhere else and point out if someone has their hands on your credentials.

If the high usage still continues after that, then check your app for scheduled data operations, possibly leftover timers. too many auto-refreshes can cause repeated access to the database.

The remaining 2 possibilities in my mind are:

  • your app is already in use in public and people are using it.
  • your schema design is bad and causes lots of round trips that result in more operations than expected.

Many thanks for your post.

Is there anywhere I can go to see accurate logs? The app services logs don’t show all of these requests.

View and Download MongoDB Logs — MongoDB Atlas

but not all cluster types have log support

Appreciate the help – but can MongoDB / Atlas please respond on this – The docs say “App Services counts the number of requests that an application receives and handles…Requests include function calls, trigger executions, and sync updates, but exclude user authentication and blocked or invalid requests.”

We’re seeing 1000 a day and have no triggers or anything like that.

I’ve just downloaded the logs from App Services and it’s nowhere near that amount.

This is blocking us from moving forward, hoping someone from Atlas can please respond?

Sure, no problem. Good luck waiting for an answer from an official about the free tier on the community forum.