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Learn New Skills in a MongoDB World Pre-Conference Workshop

MongoDB World is just around the corner, and you might be wondering, Why should I go? By not attending, you’d be missing out on great educational opportunities! First, there are the conference sessions. You get to connect with MongoDB engineers, who give you an insider’s look on how the database is built and what’s coming on the roadmap. You can get your detailed technical questions answered in a free consulting slot during Ask the Experts. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other MongoDB users who showcase the projects they’ve built, talk about their pains, and discuss where MongoDB fits and doesn't fit their requirements. Still, for me, the pre-conference workshops we offer are the icing on the cake. These full day training sessions, delivered by MongoDB engineers, provide the opportunity to experiment with MongoDB in a different context. By attending, you’ll get real, hands-on experience. What You’ll Learn Once again, we’re offering two of our most popular workshops on Ops Manager and data modeling. This year, we’re adding two new topics: how to keep your database secure and how to migrate an application from a relational database to MongoDB. No matter what your skill level is, we have a workshop to fit your needs. MongoDB Security In the MongoDB Security workshop, we will give you a set of instances and an app which you will need to secure, from top to bottom. You’ll start at the connection layer, using SSL and X509 certificates, then move to the underlying encryption of the storage layer by configuring the cluster using MongoDB encrypted storage engine. We’ll also cover auditing, authentication, and role-based access control. Cleansing Time - 99% SQL Free Applications Because migrations from relational can be cumbersome, in we’ll go through the different techniques and procedures that make this as painless as possible. You might be wondering where to start, or how to break that annoying super large join into a nice MongoDB query. We’ll address these and other common obstacles in migration. This workshop is the result of several years of experience helping our customers to perform these migrations. Getting Started with MongoDB Ops Manager The Getting Started with MongoDB Ops Manager workshop, for system administrators and DBAs, is a great crash course in MongoDB administration. Using a pre-configured Ops Manager installation, and using a set of AWS instances, we will be setting up and managing MongoDB clusters through both the Ops Manager UI and API commands. This will be a great way to explore the full set of features that Ops Manager provides. Data Modeling Data Modeling is a complex exercise, and you want to ensure you analyze all possible options to define your database documents and operations. In this workshop, we will cover the majority of schema design patterns and trade-offs between different approaches to a common use case. We want these workshops to be an opportunity for you to learn new skills in a context that allows you to transfer them into your day-to-day work. We limit the class size for each workshop to ensure that you’ll receive individual attention. Sign up soon; prices increase after April 28. Register now

March 28, 2017