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MongoDB Case Study: Buddy Media

Buddy Media develops social enterprise software that supports eight out of the top ten global advertisers, empowering them to build and maintain relationships with their consumers in a connections-based world. In an industry defined by immediacy and change, Buddy Media required a database solution that would provide the speed and scale needed to deliver real-time analytics about the success of online campaigns. With this in mind, the fast-growing startup turned to MongoDB. Buddy Media tracks the impact of digital marketing through realtime social analytics , relaying feedback back to marketers. Under the company's legacy relational database, Buddy Media struggled to handle the unpredictable peak loads associated with the flow of social“ such as wall posts and comments. Additionally, it was unable to aggregate metrics quickly to its client-facing dashboard, preventing customers from efficiently measuring ROI. MongoDB was the ideal solution for Buddy Media because of its easy setup and scalability. In spring 2010, after spending 10 minutes reading online instructions, developers had deployed MongoDB and were issuing commands. Within a week, the entire company was full steam ahead and actively transitioned to the new database. MongoDB's ease of use contributed to a seamless transition that allowed Buddy Media to migrate its data at the minimal cost to functionality and efficiency. In addition, MongoDB allows Buddy Media to track and ingest all user-generated content (UGC) - an average of more than 30 million events per day, which translates to approximately one million metric documents - into a single stream that's easy to view, flag and moderate. The UGC and aggregated analytics account for a half terabyte of data stored in MongoDB. In 2011, Buddy Media was named ...Best Enterprise“ in the 2011 TechCrunch Crunchie awards and was featured on Advertising Age's “2011 Digital A-List.“ With more than 600 customers, the company is growing at a dizzying pace expecting to double or triple the number of events they handle per day within the year. MongoDB has become a critical component of the company's success. In the words of Buddy Media's Patrick Stokes, chief product officer, ...MongoDB is the reason we have the successful product we do today.“ To learn more, read the full case study . Tagged with: Buddy Media, MongoDB, 10gen, nosql, realtime analytics, case study

February 10, 2012