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Announcing Pre-Production MongoDB Subscription from 10gen

10gen is pleased to announce the addition of a new support subscription for MongoDB users—our new Pre-production Subscription is perfect for teams building an application on MongoDB but not yet in production. The six-month subscription is designed to help get projects off to a good start and ensure their successful completion. The Pre-production Subscription will help companies get expert support before deploying with MongoDB. Subscribers will begin with an on-boarding call with 10gen, and team members will enjoy direct access to 10gen engineers for the duration of the subscription. Once ready for production, an experienced 10gen engineer will perform a final Health Check to assess the “production readiness” of your MongoDB deployment with your team. Pre-production subscriptions cover an unlimited number of servers, allowing your team to get support on all nodes used for development and testing for a single price. If you are ready to launch your product before your subscription ends, unused months can be rolled over into a discounted Support Subscription. Direct access to the engineers who make MongoDB will help your team build your application quickly, effectively, and confidently. Our Pre-production Subscription will help you deploy your MongoDB application in a way that allows you to scale quickly and easily once in production. For more information or to purchase a Pre-production subscription plan, please get in touch . Tagged with: mongodb support, pre-production support, MongoDB, Mongo, NoSQL, Polyglot persistence, 10gen/p>

April 11, 2012