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MongoDB Extends Its Lead As The Industry's "Best NoSQL Database"...Thanks To You

MongoDB has long been the industry's leading NoSQL database across a number of measures, and is also more popular than most most relational databases . This isn't news. What is news is how much MongoDB has cemented and extended its lead over the last year. This is readily apparent in Linux Journal's Readers' Choice Award for Best NoSQL Database. In 2013, MongoDB was named the " best NoSQL database " by 43.6% of survey respondents. The next nearest database garnered only 15.3% of votes: While impressive, it becomes doubly so in light of MongoDB's performance in the 2012 version of Linux Journal's Readers' Choice Award . Then, as now, MongoDB dominated its field. But in 2012 MongoDB won with 33.4% of the votes, with the next nearest competitor getting 22.3% of the votes: Enterprises are standardizing on a few good NoSQL database options, just as they did in the relational database market. It's simply too cumbersome to hope to embrace a dozen different databases to solve niche needs. MongoDB is clearly the enterprise standard for NoSQL. Not that we're resting on our laurels, or taking all the credit. That's not in our DNA. The MongoDB community deserves a huge amount of credit for consistently offering feedback - both positive and negative - that helps the MongoDB development community continuously improve an already exceptional database. This is not a solo effort. It's something we've earned together with you, and we thank you for making MongoDB such an excellent database.

December 4, 2013