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MongoDB Case Study: Intuit

Intuit empowers small businesses, accountants, and individuals with tax preparation and financial software. In addition, the company enables small businesses to build websites without any technical expertise through its Intuit Websites arm. In order to recommend conversion and lead generation improvements to their customers, Intuit needed a way to collect and analyze data from these sites. Initially, the company tried off the shelf products like Google Analytics and Omniture, but they realized that with more than 500,000 hosted websites and 10 years worth of user data, they required a simple, high-performance solution. With querying and map reduce functionality, MongoDB was the best platform to suit Intuit's needs. One of the primary challenges that Intuit faced in trying to make recommendations to their customers was that their existing analytics data was scattered over multiple sources. This posed technical and logistical problems, and prevented analyzing this data in a timely fashion. Due to the distributed nature of their systems and sheer abundance of data, Intuit encountered difficulties when attempting to build their analytics service using a relational database like MySQL or Oracle. MongoDB provided a solution that was not only easy to deploy, but comparatively more efficient than the other relational and non-relational choices evaluated. Intuit spent a mere week developing a prototype analytics solution based on MongoDB. In that short time, the team was able to become proficient in MongoDB development. As Nirmala Ranganathan of Intuit put it, ...…Within one week we had made big progress. Very big progress. It was so amazing that we decided let’s go with this.“ In addition, Intuit found MongoDB to be 2.5 times faster for writes than MySQL and overall, superior to both relational and non-relational options. Comprehensive and effective, the MongoDB solution has converted Intuit engineers into enthusiastic members of the MongoDB community. Indeed, not long after deploying their app, the team at Intuit was contributing back to the local MongoDB community with a presentation of their own at the next MongoDB event in the Bay Area. To learn more about Intuit's usage of MongoDB, read the full case study . For more resources, check out Nirmala Raganathan and Nivi Kumar's presentation ...Deriving Deep Customer Insights Using MongoDB“ from MongoSV 2010 or Raganathan and Kumar's video testimonial . Tagged with: Intuit, MongoDB, 10gen, nosql, analytics

February 27, 2012