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Xtify: Powered by MongoDB

Engaging audiences on mobile is a key strategy for advertisers in the age of apps. Xtify helps brand can easily engage with customers through hyper-local targeting on smartphones, and they do it all with MongoDB. What is Xtify Xtify is a mobile engagement platform focused on helping our customers reach their users with highly contextualized messages when and where they will be most effective. Create rich individualized promotions through our web console and REST APIs and specify their delivery profiles using custom geofences, application usage paramaters, and user tags. Our cutting edge complex event engine makes sure the right users get the right messages at the right time. You can also review promotion progress in real time with our analytics tool to increase message effectiveness and reach. Can you tell me a little bit about your technology stack? Here at Xtify we’ve implemented a highly distributed and scalable service oriented architecture on top of ActiveMQ, MongoDB, MySQL, and Enterprise Java. How do you use MongoDB for your location data store? One of the reasons we love MongoDB is for its geo-indexes. As location enabled devices send updates back to our system we dump their latitude and longitude to our location datastore which allows us to dynamically track user movement through time and space. MongoDB’s speed and scalability allows us to store and index well over 25,000 of these updates a minute. What were the driving factors in deciding to use MongoDB? Several persistence use cases in our system aligned well with MongoDB’s schemaless document based structure, including our location and user entities. We also liked the potential for scale we could get with mongos, which we have found to be intuitive and easy to manage. What recommendations would you make to companies deciding to use MongoDB for mobile solutions? As with any solution, the ability to quickly ramp up the performance of a database at a moment’s notice is critical to keeping your customers happy. By pre-sharding key collections, even if you only need one shard initially, you get horizontal scale and stable read/write latencies when you need it most. What are your future plans? Anything exciting happening on the horizon? We have several exciting things in the pipeline including updates to our configuration API, and the addition of an arbitrary event based API. Of course the coolest new products are still top secret so you’ll have to find out with everyone else! Tagged with: mobile, geolocation, applications, apis, api, solutions, software, MongoDB, Mongo, NoSQL, Polyglot persistence, 10gen

July 11, 2012