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Congratulations to the 2023 APAC Innovation Award Winners

I’m thrilled to announce the nine winners of the 2023 MongoDB APAC Innovation Awards . The MongoDB Innovation Awards honor projects and people who dream big. They celebrate the groundbreaking use of data to build compelling applications and the creativity of professionals expanding the limits of technology with MongoDB. This year, we have broken the awards down regionally to celebrate organizations in APAC, from startups to industry-leading enterprises, across a wide variety of industries, who are delivering big results. We are delighted to announce the winners below: 2023 MongoDB APAC Innovation Award Winners: Positive Impact Open Government Products Open Government Products (OGP) is an in-house team of engineers, designers, and product managers, who is a part of the Singapore Government, and is responsible for building technologies for the public good. OGP used MongoDB’s developer data platform, MongoDB Atlas to create its digital form builder, FormSG. Used by the Singapore government and public healthcare institutions, FormSG securely collects data from residents and businesses and helps public officers to create digital government forms in minutes. It eliminates the use of paper forms and the manual process of transcribing physical documents, which had raised concerns around data privacy and protection. During the pandemic, FormSG enabled public officers to collect more than 100,000 daily temperature declarations nationwide. Today, FormSG has served more than 120,000 public officers from 155 agencies and it has created more than 500,000 digital forms to help the government collect data on travel and health declarations by visitors to the country, applications for COVID-19 swab tests, and applications for financial assistance. Organization Transformation Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is one of Australia’s largest banks, with around 7,000 employees helping more than 2.2 million customers achieve their financial goals. The bank has been on a multi-year journey of transformation using MongoDB's developer data platform to improve efficiency and deliver a better customer experience as they fulfill their vision to become Australia’s bank of choice. Recently, the cloud team launched Ready-Set-MongoDB (or RSM). This event-driven framework allows developers to streamline the consumption of internal or external APIs, and applies data transformations and storage automatically within a MongoDB collection of their choice. Using MongoDB Atlas Search, the bank also enabled developers to gain insights across its multi-cloud deployments, identifying cost savings, and providing inventory information to account owners and technical stakeholders. Within the first 18 months of launching these programmes, the automation had saved the organization more than 1,100 developers days. It also helped reduce human involvement, removed stale data, and allowed engineers to focus on the things that matter. The development of Ready-Set-MongoDB is ongoing and improving, as new Bendigo multi-cloud challenges arise and new MongoDB products are released. The application is a perfect representation of how Bendigo's Technology Department is using modern technology, rapid development, and innovation-led problem solving to drive organizational transformation. Heroes in Health Redcliffe Lifetech Private Limited Over the last few years, Redcliffe Labs has become India's fastest growing technology-driven diagnostics service provider. Redcliffe Labs is on a mission to serve 500 Million Indians by 2030 with fusion of technology and world- class laboratories. The company already serves thousands of people daily, with more than 73 labs and close to 1500 walk-in centers across 180 cities. Redcliffe Labs has relied on MongoDB Atlas’ flexible document model to power its innovative Smart Health Report, a patient resource that provides a number of indicators and trackers to gauge holistic health. The MongoDB developer data platform's best in class security, compliance, and privacy controls allows Redcliffe's team to confidently handle even the most sensitive patient data. MongoDB Atlas takes care of many of the traditional database management challenges, which means that developers can spend their time building diagnostics for patients, rather than managing databases. Redcliffe Labs is focusing on incorporating next-generation technologies in the diagnostics space with an AI platform that will make Interactive Diagnostics reports, Advanced Health Profiling and more detailed Diagnostics and Health Alerts. Industry Disruptor Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific , Hong Kong’s home carrier operating in more than 60 destinations worldwide, has been on an impressive journey to become one of the very first airlines to create a truly paperless flight deck. Until recently, a flight from Hong Kong to New York would require a crew to review more than 150 pages of finely printed text and charts before their flight and make ongoing updates throughout the trip. In 2019, Cathay Pacific conducted the first zero paper flight, removing 50kg of manuals, charts, maps, and flight briefing paperwork. They achieved this enormous feat with the help of one seamless and highly customized iPad application: Flight Folder. Built on MongoDB Atlas, Flight Folder is designed to improve the pilot briefing experience. MongoDB helped consolidate dozens of different information sources into one place, and made it possible for flight crews to easily share their experiences with others. It also included a digital refueling feature that helps crews become much more efficient with fueling strategies – saving significant flight time and costs. The use of MongoDB Device Sync enables seamless syncing and no data loss even when the app goes on- and offline mid-flight. Since the Flight Folder launch, Cathay Pacific has completed more than 340,000 flights with full digital integration in the flight deck. In addition to the greatly improved flight crew experience, flight times have been reduced, and digital refueling saves eight minutes of ground time on average. All these efficiencies have helped the company avoid the release of 15,000 tons of carbon. From Batch to Real-Time Adani Digital Labs Adani Digital Labs is the India-based digital innovation arm of the larger Adani group. The lab’s team's mission is to create one single platform – a SuperApp called AdaniOne – to empower a billion stories in India. To address several use cases and the huge scale that will be required by the superapp, the Adani Digital team selected MongoDB Atlas as its the main transactional database that will further enhance the application. A key component of the app is how it can bring together disparate data in order to provide a single view of activity across the application. In the first process, developers had taken out the data in batches and sent it to their database However, this was too slow and unpredictable as far as business requirements are concerned. Also, the consolidated view of customer history, orders, inventory, and supply chain network updates was likely to impact their customer's ability to generate revenue. Therefore, in order to find a better solution, Adani Digital Labs built a more modern architecture in line with MongoDB. Using MongoDB's Change Streams and the data platform's native Kafka connector, they created an event-based architecture that pushes the data out in real-time for analysis. Adani Digital Labs is still in the early phases of the SuperApp's rollout and collaborating with MongoDB as its developer data platform continues to help the firm to grow and deliver insights in real time. Industry 4.0 Dongwha Founded in 1948, the Dongwha Group has evolved from a singular focus on the wood and timber industry into a global leader across a number of sectors including building materials, chemicals and media. As part of its wider digital transformation strategy, Dongwha required smarter factories that would improve and optimize their production efficiency. Dongwha built an innovative Smart Factory Software platform that collects and analyzes data to enhance quality and production management capabilities. Originally, the platform was built with the community version of MongoDB. However, in order to scale and adapt, the team recently migrated to MongoDB Atlas in the cloud. This enabled them to store large volumes in the fastest and most secure way, optimize their solution for time series data, and make it easy to run machine learning across their data. Dongwha completed the migration seamlessly, without any disruption or downtime to their factories, and it has now been launched across five different sites. Over the last year, the application has significantly increased its availability and reliability while performance has improved by as much as 6x . As they look to the future, Dongwha plans to roll out the software to more of its international factories. Digital Native myBillBook India is home to more than 60 million small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) but only a small portion of those SMBs are taking advantage of digitization and many still operate using pen and paper. In addition, many businesses in India still struggle with fluctuations in internet services, outages, and latency. FloBiz is on a mission to change that with myBillBook , a one-stop solution that helps SMBs create professional invoices, manage stock, collect payments, automate reminders through smart banking, engage with their customers, manage staff attendance and payroll and generate more than 25 business reports for accounting and decision making. The app is also mobile-first, so businesses can access them from their mobile devices and allows users to manage billing and inventory in both online and offline environments. The myBillbook app is powered by MongoDB Atlas, providing the flexible and scalable foundation for the business to do everything from building new features to performing complex analytical queries. In addition, Realm, MongoDB’s mobile database, with Atlas Device Sync, supports offline usage and automatic syncing with the cloud to ensure there is never data or functionality loss for users due to poor internet connection. Because of its success in supporting customers with business critical operations, more than 6.5 million business owners in India are now using myBillbook for their billing, accounting, collection and business growth. Customer Focused KASIKORN Business-Technology Group Established in 1945, Kasikornbank (KBank) is one of the largest and oldest banks in Thailand. Their mission is to strive towards service excellence and empower every customer’s life and business. One of KBank’s subsidiaries, KASIKORN Business-Technology Group (KBTG) , developed a mobile banking application – MAKE by KBank. MongoDB Atlas’ flexibility and ease of development enabled MAKE’s development team to choose the best type of database for its tasks, to automate data tiering with Atlas Online Archive, and to reduce hours spent on operational maintenance. With more time to focus on delivering new innovations to customers, they created unique features like Cloud Pocket which can allocate funds into unlimited customizable pockets for separate usage. They also built Pop Pay, a feature that allows users to easily search for nearby friends and transfer money by clicking their profile picture as well as “Expense Summary" a spending analysis services that helps inform and manage users’ financial habits. As of January 2023, MAKE has acquired more than 1 million users, and increased the number of transactions in MAKE from 900,000 to more than 7.5 million in a span of one year. Massive Scale China Mobile China Mobile provides mobile voice and multimedia services via its nationwide mobile telecommunications network across mainland China and Hong Kong. It is the world's largest mobile network operator by total number of subscribers. The telecommunications leader is using MongoDB to support one of its largest and most critical push services, which sends out billing details to more than 1 billion users every month. Prior to MongoDB, the tech team relied on Oracle, but as the user numbers increased, performance degraded. Despite large investments, it was still taking too long to do basic requests like finalize and deliver bills to users. In 2019, after comprehensive testing, China Mobile migrated to MongoDB. By taking advantage of MongoDB's native sharding, they were able to improve performance by 80% and go from 50 Oracle machines, to just 12 machines for the same workload. The service now handles all current requirements and is set up to scale with future growth. With the support of MongoDB, China Mobile is growing steadily,with more than 168 million monthly users and has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the China Mobile group.

March 30, 2023

Submit Your Nominations for the 2023 MongoDB Innovation Awards

Nominations are now open for the 2023 MongoDB Innovation Awards. These awards aim to celebrate and recognize organizations that dream big and are pioneering new ways to use data, expanding the limits of technology, and enhancing their businesses with MongoDB. We invite you to nominate an organization that is building something dynamic, interesting, or innovative with MongoDB. Submit Your Nomination Past recipients include 7-Eleven, American Airlines, Barclays, Bosch, Comcast, Epic Games, IBM, LinkedIn, Pioneera, and Sogei. Read more about last year’s winners here . This year, we’re excited to offer a robust prize package. Our 2023 winners will receive*: An Innovation Award trophy 10 passes (per organization) to a MongoDB.local event of your choosing Inclusion in the MongoDB Innovation Awards announcement materials and social media Digital badge to display all year long A customer feature story on MongoDB Atlas credits A tailored MongoDB Day, designed to enable your technical team members to deliver solutions better and faster Submissions will be accepted through April 21, 2023 and winners will be notified by the MongoDB team by the end of May 2023 . Read more about each of the award categories below. Award categories Optimizing for Impact This will be awarded to an organization that realized tremendous business benefits by leveraging MongoDB, with an impact on its bottom line (time savings, cost savings, and/or reduction in operational complexity). Industry Transformation This will be awarded to a change-maker who moved their business to the next level and disrupted their industry by identifying new technologies, applying new skills, or increasing operational efficiency. Inspiring Innovation This will be awarded to an organization that is using MongoDB to make a better world possible. They are creatively expanding the limits of technology to solve societal, community, medical, or educational challenges. Building the Next Big Thing This will be awarded to a small- or medium- sized business that has been building its core offering/service on MongoDB Atlas from the beginning. They are leveraging MongoDB's data developer platform to build and scale some of the world's most innovative projects in data. * View terms and conditions We look forward to receiving your nominations!

March 20, 2023

MongoDB.local revient à Paris le 5 avril 2022

Après une interruption de deux ans due à la pandémie, nous sommes heureux d'être enfin de retour à Paris pour MongoDB.local Paris 2022 ! Se déroulant le 5 avril 2022 au 3 Mazarium , l'événement est conçu pour aider les développeurs à découvrir de nouveaux produits et astuces, et sera rempli de contenu éducatif, de témoignages de clients, de démos techniques et de tutoriels pour vous aider à créer facilement des applications basées sur les données. Alors, pourquoi devriez-vous nous rejoindre pendant une journée à MongoDB.local Paris ? Pouvoir se retrouver en personne L'une des raisons d'y assister est simplement qu'il s'agit d'un événement en présentiel, et après les deux dernières années, nous en avons besoin. Nous avons tous fait du télétravail, et la plupart du temps, cela a fonctionné, mais il existe encore des opportunités qui sont tout simplement meilleures en personne. Il n'y a rien de tel que les conversations fortuites avec d'autres participants qui se produisent lors d'événements en présentiel, ou la session à laquelle vous assistez entre les deux qui vous tiennent vraiment à cœur et qui s'avère être exactement ce dont vous aviez besoin. Le tout pour vous donner une toute nouvelle perspective. Si vous pouvez le faire en toute sécurité, nous aimerions passer du temps avec vous à Paris pour comprendre comment vous utilisez MongoDB - ou ce que vous recherchez de MongoDB, et comment nous pouvons mieux travailler ensemble. L'importance de ces retrouvailles a été renforcée récemment lorsqu'un client a mentionné que : "Par rapport à d'autres fournisseurs de technologie, MongoDB a un caractère distinctif en ce qui concerne l'attention personnelle." Laissez-nous vous montrer ce dont il parlait ! Mais aussi virtuellement Là encore, certains des changements que le confinement nous a imposés n'ont pas été tous mauvais. Le télétravail, au moins une partie du temps, a donné à beaucoup d'entre nous plus de flexibilité dans la façon dont nous gérons notre travail et la balance entre le travail et d'autres engagements. Nous en sommes conscients ... C'est pourquoi MongoDB.local Paris 2022 sera également accessible aux participants de façon virtuelle. Vous pourrez même poser des questions à nos experts pendant les sessions. Cette nouvelle approche des événements hybrides ouvre la participation à beaucoup plus de personnes qui n'auraient peut-être pas pu y assister autrement. Les sessions resteront également disponibles en ligne après coup, donc même si vous êtes occupé le jour de l'événement, vous pouvez regarder des sessions enregistrées et toujours bénéficier des mises à jour des dirigeants et des chefs de produit de MongoDB. Updates Produits et les Rapid Releases Avec le lancement de MongoDB 5.0, nous avons introduit des “rapid releases”. C'est notre nouvelle cadence de publication qui nous permet de mettre plus rapidement entre vos mains les dernières innovations et fonctionnalités offertes par la base de données et les pilotes. Avec la version 5.1, nous avons de nouvelles fonctionnalités à discuter au-delà de ce qui a été annoncé l'été dernier, et sans attendre la prochaine version majeure. MongoDB.local Paris 2022 vous donnera l'occasion de passer en revue certaines des principales fonctionnalités introduites avec la version 5.0, telles que la prise en charge des séries chronologiques, et de voir comment ces fonctionnalités ont continué à évoluer avec les rapid releases. Workshops et tutoriels avec les Experts Produits Au-delà des présentations, certaines des sessions les plus utiles sont les workshops et tutoriels où les participants ont la possibilité d'essayer directement les produits MongoDB tels que MongoDB Atlas et MongoDB Atlas Search, et de découvrir la création de clusters et d'applications MongoDB. Ces sessions sont conçues par nos Product Managers et Experts et vous donneront la chance de comprendre les facteurs qui influencent le développement de MongoDB et comment ils s’appliquent à des situations spécifiques. En plus des tutoriels, vous aurez la possibilité de poser toutes vos questions sur les produits MongoDB à notre équipe Produits sur les stands durant toute la durée de l’événement. Témoignages clients et utilisateurs Enfin, la série d’événements MongoDB.local offre la possibilité de découvrir les expériences réelles d'autres utilisateurs. L'événement parisien vous propose les témoignages d’utilisateurs avec les présentations clés de Renault, Cdiscount et Lactalis. Il est toujours extrêmement utile d'entendre comment les clients et les utilisateurs tirent parti des capacités technologiques de MongoDB pour répondre à leurs besoins spécifiques et comment ils gèrent le processus pour atteindre ces objectifs. J’ai hâte de vous y retrouver ! Si vous me voyez vagabonder, n’hésitez pas à venir discuter, j’ai toujours adoré rencontrer les utilisateurs MongoDB et apprendre de vos expériences et découvrir comment vous utilisez notre technologie. Ah et vous pouvez vous inscrire ici avec mon code promo : DominicWellington50 . Cela vous donnera 50% de discount sur votre ticket en présentiel.

March 7, 2022