What Are You Doing With Your Data?

Data presents new opportunities and challenges, and developers are at the forefront of these changes. At 10gen, we interact with users building new applications to support the growing need to collect, mobilize and analyze data for business goals.

Gaming companies analyze user data to react to movements in real-time, keeping the users happy and winning, and increasing retention and payout. Manufacturing companies ingest data from sensors and location tracking machines to gather machine data, analyzed in real-time and batch contexts. Retail companies leverage structured and competitive data to optimize prices in real-time and to serve personalized product recommendations. Each of these represents novel ways to build a data-driven business.

We love these stories and want to hear more from the developers who build these applications and are the driving force behind innovation. Take the MongoDB community survey and tell us how you’re using data in your applications to meet new data challenges. Complete the survey and enter for a chance to win an iPad Mini. This survey is platform agnostic, and is designed to get an understanding of the developer ecosystem as a whole.

In the spirit of open source, we plan to share the results of the survey with the community in a report and on the 10gen blog. Stay tuned for the results.