Simplifying Data Science with Iguazio and MongoDB: Modernization with Machine Learning

Gabriela Preiss


For the most innovative, forward-thinking companies, “data” has become synonymous with “big data” — and “big data” has become synonymous with “machine learning and AI.” The amount of data you have is raw knowledge. The ability to connect the dots in a cohesive picture that lets you see major projections, personalizations, security breaches, etc., in real time — that’s wisdom.

Or, as we like to call it, data science.

MongoDB Cloud is the leading cloud data platform for modern applications. Iguazio, initially inspired by the powerful Iguazu Falls in South America, is the leading data science platform built for production and real-time use cases. We’re both disrupting and leading various industries through innovation and highly forethought intelligence. It makes perfect sense for us to work together to create a powerful, data-driven solution.

Iguazio Data Science & MLOps platform optimizes data science for your use cases

Iguazio enables enterprises to develop, deploy, and manage their AI applications, drastically shortening the time required to create real business value with AI. Using Iguazio, organizations can build and run AI models at scale and in real time, deploy them anywhere (multi-cloud, on-prem or edge), and bring to life their most ambitious AI-driven strategies. Enterprises spanning a wide range of verticals use Iguazio to solve the complexities of machine learning operations (MLOps), and accelerate the machine learning workflow by automating the following, end-to-end processes:

  • Data collection — ingested from any diverse source, whether structured, unstructured, raw or real-time
  • Data preparation — through exploration and manipulation at scale (go big!)
  • Continuous model training — through acceleration and automation
  • Rapid model and API deployment
  • Monitoring and management of AI applications in production

As a serverless, cloud-native data science platform, Iguazio reduces the overhead and complexity of developing, deploying, and monitoring AI models, guarantees consistent and reproducible results, and allows mobilizing, scaling, and duplicating functions to multiple enforcement points.

MongoDB delivers unprecedented flexibility for real-time data science integration

With its scalable, adaptable data processing model, ability to build rich data pipelines, and capacity to scale out while doing both in parallel, MongoDB is a foundational persistence layer for data science. It allows you to use your data intelligently in complex analytics, drawing new conclusions and identifying actions to take. Data science and data analytics go hand-in-hand, fueled by big data.

The MongoDB data platform handles data analytics by:

  • Enabling scalability and distributed processing — processing data with a query framework that reduces data movement by knowing where that data is and optimizing in-place computation
  • Accelerating insights — delivering real-time insight and actions
  • Supporting a full data lifecycle — intelligent data tiering from ingestion to transactions to retirement
  • Leveraging a rich ecosystem of tools and machine learning for data science
How Iguazio and MongoDB partner to synthesize a seamless production environment
Here's a look at how Iguazio and MongoDB partner to synthesize a seamless production environment:

MongoDB and Iguazio: from research to production in weeks

Iguazio fuses with MongoDB to allow intelligent, complex data compilations that lead to real-world ML/AI results like streaming and analytics, IoT applications, conversational interfaces, and image recognition.

Data science is opening opportunities for businesses in all areas, from financial services to retail, marketing, telco, and IoT, and those opportunities create demands on data that continue to grow. Iguazio swiftly reduces the development and deployment of data science projects from months to weeks, transforming how businesses, developers, and product owners use and imagine new use cases for their data.

Together, MongoDB and Iguazio establish a joint hybrid/multi-cloud data science platform.

Iguazio and MongoDB data science platform

MongoDB’s unique features create the perfect seeding ground for Iguazio’s data science platform. They include:

  • MongoDB’s high-performing, highly ranked data platform experience
  • No data duplication
  • Optimization for real-time, an essential factor for data science
  • An elastic, flexible model that adjusts to ever-changing load requirements
  • Production that’s ready in minutes

Meanwhile, Iguazio’s powerful ML pipeline automation simplifies the complex data science layer by creating a production-ready environment with an end-to-end MLOps solution, including:

  • A feature store for managing features (online and offline) that resides in MongoDB
  • Data exploration and training at scale, using built-in distribution engines such as Dask and Horovod
  • Real-time feature engineering using Iguazio’s Nuclio-supported serverless functions
  • Model management and model monitoring, including drift detection
  • Open and integrated Python environment, including built-in libraries and Jupyter Notebook-as-a-Service

Data and data science in the real world

When we think of data, stagnant databases may come to mind. But data in action is live, quick, and moves in real time. Data science is no different — and it has quickly incorporated itself in every sector of virtually every industry:

  • Fraud prevention — distinguishing legitimate from fraudulent behavior and learning to prevent new tactics over time
  • Predictive maintenance — finding patterns to predict and prevent failures
  • Real-time recommendation engines — processing consumer data for immediate feedback
  • Process optimization — minimizing costs and improving processes and targets
  • Remote monitoring — quickly detecting anomalies, threats, or failures
  • Autonomous vehicles — continuously learning new processes and landscapes to optimize safety, performance, and maintenance
  • Smart scheduling — increasing coordination among nearly infinite variables
  • Smart mobility systems — using predictive optimization to maintain efficiency, safety, and accuracy
  • IoT & IIoT — generating insights to identify patterns and predict behavior

Data science today

MongoDB enables a more intuitive process for data management and exploration by simplifying and enriching data. Iguazio helps turn data into smarter insights by simplifying organizations’ modernization into machine learning, AI, and the ongoing spectrum of data science — and we’ve only just scratched the surface. To learn more about how, together, Iguazio and MongoDB can transform your data processes into intelligent data science, check out our joint webinar discussing multiple client use cases.

MongoDB and modernization

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