Release Notes MMS OnPrem 1.4.1


MongoDB Management Service (MMS) OnPrem 1.4.1 is now available. Below are some key new features for this release, as well as general notes:
On-Prem MongoDB Management Service Server 1.4.1
  • New: Ability to Backup replica sets or clusters using Kerberos authentication
  • New: Ability to Backup replica sets or clusters running on custom MongoDB builds
  • Fix validation issue preventing backup of MongoDB 2.6.x clusters
  • Reduced log noise from Monitoring Agent when monitoring MongoDB 2.0 or unreachable mongods
This was a super smooth release due to the efforts of two of our engineers, John Morales and Cory Mintz. 
Documentation for MMS OnPrem 1.4.1
It’s also worth noting that the Documentation Team has also been hard at work improving the documentation. They’ve completed an overall reorg-for-sanity, added a complete reference for all configuration options and added visual representation of example deployments.
MMS OnPrem is our self-hosted option for MongoDB Subscription holders. Get more information or download MMS OnPrem 1.4.1 here