Real-Time Insights Through the Atlas SQL Interface, Now Generally Available with Custom Connectors for Tableau and Power BI

We are excited to announce the General Availability of the Atlas SQL Interface, a solution built to help analysts gain insights on live application data in real time!

Built with a SQL-92 compatible dialect, mongosql, the Atlas SQL Interface, Connectors, and Drivers make it easy to natively query and visualize Atlas data with SQL-based tools while preserving the flexibility of the document model.

Through two custom-built connectors – a Microsoft-certified Power BI Connector and a Tableau Connector built in partnership with Tableau – in addition to new versions of our Atlas JDBC and ODBC Drivers for other SQL-based tools, eliminate the need for complex ETL and data duplication. Use custom SQL and native BI tool functionality right in your tool’s interface to transform, analyze, and report on live application data!

How it works

With the Atlas SQL Interface enabled, download the appropriate JDBC/ODBC Driver and/or Custom Power BI/Tableau Connector to query and transform your document data in your SQL-based tool. The Atlas SQL Interface also leverages Atlas Data Federation as its query engine, so you can query across multiple Atlas databases and other sources, such as cloud storage buckets and HTTPs endpoints, with efficiency.

Certified Atlas Power BI Connector

The Power BI Connector for Atlas is an integration built by MongoDB and certified by our partners at Microsoft. This Connector makes it easy to model document data with native Power BI features and data modeling capabilities available in Power Query. Build up-to-date dashboards in Power BI Desktop and scale insights to your organization through Power BI Service with no duplication or delays.

Check out the demo below to see it in action:

Atlas Tableau Connector

Built with the Tableau analyst in mind, this specialized Connector ensures a first-class querying experience of live Atlas data from within Tableau without the need to learn MQL, implement unnecessary data pipelines, or perform complex ETL. Directly interact with MongoDB’s JSON-like document data to quickly visualize, graph, and report on live data using native Tableau Features.

Check out the demo below to see it in action:

This is a fantastic product offering from the MongoDB team, something that the community has needed for years! I really see this feature as bridging the gap, especially for data science and BI people who talk primarily in SQL

Software Solutions Architect, Ampcontrol

The Atlas SQL Interface, Connectors, and Drivers enable businesses to fully harness the power of their Atlas data, ensuring that our platform not only serves the developers who build applications to help run your business, but that it also serves the teams finding data-driven insights to help scale the business.

Log in today to activate the Atlas SQL Interface and get started. Go to our download center to retrieve your Connector and Driver files, or check out our docs for more information on how to put the Atlas SQL Interface, Connectors, and Drivers to use!