Online MongoDB Classes Start Today



A guest post from Andrew Erlichson, 10gen’s VP of Education

Free, Online MongoDB classes start this week and there is still time to join one of the two courses: MongoDB for Developers and MongoDB for DBAs.

I am teaching the developer course along with Richard Kreuter. Richard is a lead consulting engineer and has significant experience with MongoDB users around the world. Dwight Merriman, founder of 10gen and one of the creators of MongoDB, will be teaching the MongoDB for Administrators course.

Right now we over 20,000 registrations for the classes. Lots of folks have contacted us asking what they should expect from these courses, so we thought we’d share some information on what we’re planning. 

The Basics 

The courses will run seven weeks. Each week we will be providing video lectures, broken up into small bite-sized chunks. Most chunks will include a small quiz to help you make sure you are understanding the material. Quizzes won’t count toward your grade. There will weekly homeworks (with due dates!) and a final exam in each course.

Everyone will be expected to install MongoDB on their own computer to do the weekly homework assignments. We review how to do that in the class.

What does the developer course entail?

For the developer course, the class project will be to build a blog. We will be doing most of the teaching in Python, using Pymongo (the Mongo driver) and bottle, a lightweight web framework. Our example code will be in those technologies. We will be providing material on those technologies if you have never used them before.

Do we need to know a specific programming language to participate in this course?

Students can use any supported language for the homeworks. We will be checking the output of the homework, not the exact way you programmed the solution, so if you prefer another supported language, you can use that instead. But working in another language will require more work since we won’t be providing sample code.

Is there going to be any support for new students?

Given the number of students, we won’t be able to provide one-on-one help but plan to provide several ways to get your questions answered. There will be forums and some weekly office hours to get help. For office hours, only a small percentage of the questions raised will get answered. In addition, several of the MongoDB User Groups will be hosting weekly in-person study groups so you can collaborate with others taking the course. 

Do I need to watch the lectures as soon as they come out to keep up with the course?

You don’t need to watch the lectures at any particular time, but there will be weekly assignments to keep you in sync.
I’m having a hard time deciding which course to take. Any suggestions?
You can take both courses simultaneously. There will certainly be some redundancy. For example, both DBAs and developers need to know how to query the database. Both courses will cover the Mongo shell, but the DBA course will focus on issues of scaling, sharding, and replication to a much greater degree than the developer course.

This time isn’t working for me. Will you be offering the courses again?

We plan to re-run the courses in January so don’t worry if you can’t do it now.

Best of luck in the course. We’ll see you online!