New MMS Backup Feature: Exclude Databases and Collections

Meghan Gill

New MMS Backup Feature: Exclude Databases and Collections

August 28, 2013 by Meghan Gill

In building MongoDB Management Service, we want to provide a premium backup offering for your MongoDB data. But not all data is created equal. Since we rolled out the service, our customers have been asking for a more tunable solution where they could to exclude their non-critical logging, caching or analytics data sets.

We wanted to offer users fine-grained control of their backups and their costs. To accomplish that, this week we’ve rolled out a new feature that will allow you to exclude certain databases or collections within your replica set or cluster from backup. Using this feature, your backup and restore strategy -- and budget -- can center around the mission critical data.

Here is how it works. From the Backup UI, simply add the excluded namespaces for your cluster and click save.

That’s it! You can add items to the exclusion list at any time, and we’ll remove them from your backup. You can also pre-emptively add items to the list that don’t yet exist, and if MMS Backup ever encounters such a database or collection, it will ignore it.

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