MongoDB Survey Results



A couple weeks ago we asked people on Twitter, IRC, and the mailing list to fill out a survey on how they were using MongoDB.  About 120 people responded (thanks guys!).

Here is what we gleaned:

Everyone’s a noob

How long people have been using Mongo:

Most people haven’t been using Mongo for very long.  Exactly 0% said they’d been using Mongo for a year or more (which makes sense, given our first official release was ~12 months ago).

Interesting things being stored in Mongo

Lots of people are storing log data, analytics, user info… the usual.  Some less usual stuff:

  • Game title development info
  • Patents
  • Crime reports and warrants

And quite a few people said: "Everything.“

So, how big is it?

One person said they were testing up to 40 billion documents, but I wasn’t clear on if they had actually put in 40 billion or were going to.  So, we’ll ignore the outlier, but we can pretty safely say people are storing ~70 million documents.

On a scale of 1-10, would you recommend Mongo to a friend?

Happily, the average was 9.64!  If you are happy with MongoDB, please consider tweeting, writing a blog post, or giving a talk at a conference or meetup… the biggest obstacle we’re facing right now is letting people know we exist!

If you were below average (haha), I’d encourage you to hit the list or IRC.  We’d love to help out (or at least find out why you’re unhappy).

And, finally, most importantly, religious wars:

Kyle has the most users

Ruby wins handily with over 40% of users.

"Other” contains mainly C#, Perl, and Groovy users.

OS X: the universal dev environment

OS people are using for development:

OS people are using for production:

Go Linux go!

If you feel left out, feel free to fill out the survey now.  Thanks to everyone for you input!