What’s your Developer Persona?

Emily Sawicki

Cool stuff is getting built with MongoDB every day. Behind the scenes are developers, data scientists, and UX designers who use our products in truly innovative ways. We believe developers are doing way more than just writing code and we’ve outlined a few personas we commonly see.

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The architect

Visual asset for the architect archetype featuring a building in purple

Ideal team member: The Storyteller. Together you’d be unstoppable.

People are usually intimidated by you at first. You’ll start all quiet and casually drop how you created the very board game everyone is playing at the dinner party you’re at. You have a knack for strategy and probably have a pretty good poker face.

Under your calm and collected demeanor is a perpetual motion machine. Scientists said it couldn’t be done but it’s happening inside your brain right now. It’s so effortless you probably don’t even notice it. You’re deeply intuitive and you have a unique combination of both big ideas and informed action.

The scientist

Visual asset for the scientist archetype featuring shapes and scientific symbols

Ideal team member: The Architect

You love a healthy debate. Not in the devil’s advocate way but you genuinely like hearing both sides (though you're likely always right). When starting a project, you’re already thinking about things to research so you can hit the ground running. You’re always up to date with the newest technology and constantly thinking about how you can implement it in your workflow. You’re a lifelong learner and you’re super sharp, which makes you an asset to any team.

The storyteller

Visual asset for the storyteller archetype featuring a book

Ideal team member: The Scientist

You’re deeply interested in the human experience. When people enter your house they are wowed by how beautiful and well thought out everything is. You also probably greet them with a seasonally spiced espresso.

You have very niche-specific hobbies like crafting modern candlesticks for your friends. People come to you when they want someone to use their product or idea - you know how to craft an experience everyone will keep coming back to! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but you’re the beholder and you always know what’s best.

The visionary

Visual asset for the visionary archetype featuring an eye

Ideal team member: The Sprinter, they can ground you.

Leaders are constantly asking you for opinions if you aren’t one yet. You’re interested in the big stuff that will change how people think and interact with the world around them.

Your dinner party conversation is strong and you pride yourself on being able to predict the next big thing. Some people may write you off as arrogant until that thing you swore to them would happen, finally did, and they text you saying, “Did you see the news?!?!? You called it!”. You’re uber confident and for good reason. You know exactly how to, as they say, strike while the iron is hot!

The sprinter

Visual asset for the sprinter archetype featuring a lighting bolt

Ideal team member: The Grasshopper

Your desk is full of half-drunk red-bulls. Or maybe not, but that’s what everyone assumes. You outpace all your colleagues because you simply love getting things done. We imagine you’re into low-effort activities in your spare time like bouldering or Ironman triathlons.

You are often the one people call when they want something done right but they are too lazy to do it themselves. You love a good checklist and you're probably the one who does all the work on that new startup venture you and your college friends have. You are deeply passionate about your work and think this meeting could have been an email.

The grasshopper

Visual asset for the grasshopper archetype featuring green grass

Ideal team member: The Architect, you’ll learn a lot!

No is not in your vocabulary. You’re somewhat of a Renaissance person, people are usually in awe of how you can already be so natural at something you just started. You have a unique blend of independent and collaborative energy that touches everything you set your mind to.

You get things done in style. Your unique brand of optimism makes everything you do look effortless. Some people may write you off as a newbie. Don’t worry though, they’re probably just grumpy. The world is truly your oyster, the sky’s the limit, and whatever other saying there is out there you’ve probably thought of 10 already.

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