MongoDB Named as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Translytical Data Platforms, Q4 2022

Mat Keep


In The Forrester Wave™: Translytical Data Platforms, Q4 2022, translytical data platforms are described by Forrester as being “designed to support transactional, operational, and analytical workloads without sacrificing data integrity, performance, and analytics scale.”

Characterized as next-generation data platforms, the Forrester report further notes that “Adoption of these platforms continues to grow strongly to support new and emerging business cases, including real-time integrated insights, scalable microservices, machine learning (ML), streaming analytics, and extreme transaction processing.”

To help users understand this emerging technology landscape, Forrester published its previous Translytical Data Platforms Wave back in 2019. Three years on, Forrester has named MongoDB as a Leader in its latest Translytical Data Platforms Wave.

We believe MongoDB was named a Leader in this report due to the R&D investments made in further building out capabilities in MongoDB Atlas, our multi-cloud developer data platform.

These investments were driven by the demands of the developer communities we work with day-in, day-out. You told us how you struggle to bring together all of the data infrastructure needed to power modern digital experiences – from transactional databases to analytics processing, full-text search, and streaming. This is exactly what our developer data platform offers. It provides an elegant, integrated, and fully-managed data architecture accessed via a unified set of APIs.

With MongoDB Atlas, developers are more productive, they ship code faster and improve it more frequently.

Translytics and the Rise of Application-Driven Analytics

Translytics is part of an important shift that we at MongoDB call application-driven analytics. By building smarter apps and increasing the speed of business insights, application-driven analytics gives you the opportunity to out-innovate your competitors and improve efficiency.

To do this you can no longer rely only on copying data out of operational systems into separate analytics stores. Moving data takes time and creates too much separation between application events and actions. Instead, analytics processing has to be “shifted left” to the source of your data – to the applications themselves.

This is the shift MongoDB calls application-driven analytics. It’s a shift that impacts both the skills and the technologies developers and analytics teams use every day. This is why understanding the technology landscape is so important.

Overall, MongoDB is good for customers that are driving their strategy around developers who are tasked with building analytics into their applications.

The Forrester Wave™: Translytical Data Platforms, Q4 2022

Evaluating the top vendors in the Translytic Data Platforms Wave

Forrester evaluated 15 of the most significant translytical data platform vendors against 26 criteria. These criteria span current offering and strategy through to market presence. Forrester gave MongoDB the highest possible scores across eleven criteria, including:

  • Number of customers

  • Performance

  • Scalability

  • Dev Tools/API

  • Multi-model

  • Streaming

  • Cloud / On-prem / distributed architecture

  • Commercial model

The report cites that “MongoDB ramps up its translytical offering aggressively”, and that “Organizations use MongoDB to support real-time analytics, systems of insight, customer 360, internet of things (IoT), and mobile applications.”

Access your complimentary copy of the report here.

Customer Momentum

Many development teams start out using MongoDB as an operational database for both new cloud-native services as well as modernized legacy apps. More and more of these teams are now improving customer experience and speeding business insight by adopting application-driven analytics. Examples include:

  • Bosch for predictive maintenance using IoT sensor data.

  • Keller Williams for relevance-based property search and sales dashboarding.

  • Iron Mountain for AI-based information discovery and intelligence.

  • Volvo Connect for fleet management.

Getting started on your Translytics Journey

The MongoDB Atlas developer data platform is engineered to help you make the shift to Translytics and application-driven analytics – leading to smarter apps and increased business visibility.

The best way to get started is to sign up for an account on MongoDB Atlas. Then create a free database cluster, load your own data or our sample data sets, and explore what’s possible within the platform.

The MongoDB Developer Center hosts an array of resources including tutorials, sample code, videos, and documentation organized by programming language and product. Whether you are a developer or a member of an analytics team, it's never been easier to get started enriching your transactional workloads with analytics!