MongoDB MMS Release Notes: A Topology view of MongoDB Deployments



This iteration includes plenty of eye candy for the visually inclined as well as bug fixes. The biggest item is the new view of MongoDB hosts - we’ve added a new view of MongoDB Deployments which shows the topology of your server environment, along with whether or not its healthy. The tabular view of hosts is still available and can be viewed via switching the view toggle. We also rolled out new dark themes for the Host Detail page.

Monitoring MongoDB continues to be priority one for our users, and this iteration we added a couple of key features:

  • A new history of alert configurations
  • Provide audit trail of who acknowledged an alert or deleted it, including the optional comment
  • Implemented LDAP auth between Monitoring Agent and monitored hosts

MongoDB Backup functionality also received some enhancements:

  • Implemented LDAP auth between Backup Agent and backed-up host
  • We now allow Point in Time restores to be specified using a BSON timestamp
  • Tweaked UI to show retired shards and configs so that users can still access backups for the retired members

The monitoring and backup agents also received new versions:

  • Monitoring Agent (version was upgraded to Go 1.3, an updated mgo driver, which includes a fix for DNS lookup timeouts (MGO-34) and added support for LDAP authentication.

  • Backup Agent (version includes the upgrade to Go 1.3, support for LDAP authentication, additional logging for when the backup agent manipulates the balancer; and http proxy configuration via the config file.

Have an issue or a bug or a feature request? File a ticket in our feature request queue!

-Rachelle (@techbelle)