MongoDB Management Service Release Notes: MongoDB Backup via API



MongoDB World is done, and after a quick holiday weekend, the MongoDB team was back at work wrapping up this release. There’s a lot to tell customers about, too - our release this week features:

  • An automated flow for resetting two-factor authentication
  • More Backup features in the Public API including pull (HTTP) restores and management of snapshots and snapshot schedules
  • Ability to add a comment when an alert is acknowledged and receive notification of the acknowledgement
  • Auditing of alert configuration changes, so any modifications to alerting criteria are shown in the Activity Feed

Our MongoDB Backup Service received some slight tweaking - we modified the initial sync settings somewhat so that now initial sync will not include hidden and delayed secondaries as choices for initial sync, and it won’t allow users to sync from a secondary with a different version than the primary.

The backup and monitoring agents also received updates:

  • The monitoring agent (now Version received a fix for the Go driver to stop hung connections to replica set members that use authentication; also, HTTP proxy configuration can now be specified in the agent configuration file.
  • The backup agent (now Version gained the ability to send a stacktrace of its current state to the MMS API, as well as the Go driver fix and some work to optimize the agent’s ability to handle rollbacks of replica sets.

We are also working on updates to the OnPrem version of the MongoDB Management Service. We added LDAP authentication support for the MMS server connecting to backing MongoDBs this iteration and hope to add even more in our next release.

Our automation beta is also continuing with select customers. You can read more about that (and sign up to receive private preview!) here.

Have an issue or a bug or a feature request? File a ticket in our feature request queue!

-Rachelle (@techbelle)