MongoDB Comes to Canada

This April, MongoDB will be heading to Canada for PyCon. On the way, we'll be stopping in Toronto and Montreal to meet the community. We'll be hosting two free events for the community to learn more about operating MongoDB at Scale and see what's coming next in the MongoDB roadmap.

On April 8 in Toronto, join us at Bento Miso Collaborative Workspace for a free Evening event with MongoDB. MongoDB Solutions Architect, Dmitry Baev will give an overview of MongoDB Schema and Application design and show you what's coming next in the MongoDB development cycle.

We'll then be at ECTO in Montreal on April 9 where you can meet Dmitry for round two of his Canadian roadshow along with MongoDB Python engineer Jesse Davis where you'll learn about basic application design and scalability with MongoDB.

Thanks to the great people at Bento Miso and ECTO for being gracious hosts. We're looking forward to meeting with everyone in Canada.