MongoDB Atlas for Government Achieves "FedRAMP In-process"

Eric Holzhauer and Salman Baset


We are pleased to announce that MongoDB Atlas for Government has achieved the FedRAMP designation of “In-process”. This status reflects MongoDB’s continued progress toward a FedRAMP Authorized modern data platform for the US Government. Earlier this year, MongoDB Atlas for Government achieved the designation of FedRAMP Ready.

MongoDB is widely used across the Federal Government, including the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), the General Services Administration, and others. HHS is also sponsoring the FedRAMP authorization process for MongoDB.

What is MongoDB Atlas for Government?

MongoDB Atlas for Government is an independent environment of our flagship cloud product MongoDB Atlas. Atlas for Government has been built for US government needs. It allows federal, state, and local governments as well as educational institutions to build and iterate faster using a modern database-as-a-service platform. The service is available in AWS GovCloud (US) and AWS US East/West regions.

MongoDB Atlas for Government Highlights:

  • Atlas for Government clusters can be created in AWS GovCloud East/West or AWS East/West regions.

  • Atlas for Government clusters can span regions within AWS GovCloud or within AWS.

  • Atlas core features such as automated backups, AWS PrivateLink, AWS KMS, federated authentication, Atlas Search, and more are fully supported

  • Applications can use client-side field level encryption with AWS KMS in GovCloud or AWS East/West.

Getting started and pricing

MongoDB Atlas for Government is available to Government customers or companies that sell to the US Government. You can buy Atlas for Government through AWS GovCloud or the AWS marketplace. Please fill out this form and a representative will get in touch with you.

To learn more about Atlas for Government, visit the product page, check out the documentation, or read the FedRAMP FAQ.