MongoDB 3.2.0-rc3 is released



MongoDB 3.2.0-rc3 is out and is ready for testing. This is the culmination of the 3.1.x development series.

Fixed in this release candidate:

  • SERVER-20164: Finish unit tests for CatalogManagerReplicaSet::addShard
  • SERVER-21287: $lookup should use $eq queries
  • SERVER-21298: rollback_index.js fails to wait for replication before continuing
  • SERVER-21292: replsets/remove1.js failed in replset_legacy suite
  • SERVER-20937: Add mode to FSM framework that drives greater amount of load on the system
  • SERVER-21099: Improve logging in SecureRandom and PseudoRandom classes
  • SERVER-20402: Add Election Failover JS tests
  • SERVER-21308: fsm-suite doesn’t wait long enough for the distributed lock when dropping a collection
  • SERVER-20867: Integrate mongobridge into ShardingTest
  • SERVER-21355: Coverity analysis defect 76731: Unchecked return value
  • SERVER-21305: Lock ‘timeAcquiringMicros’ value is much higher than the actual time spent
  • SERVER-21371: find_and_modify_concurrent_update.js join() is called after read
  • TOOLS-983: mongorestore panic when restoring a compressed archive without using –gzip

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3.2 Release Notes | Downloads | All Issues

As always, please let us know of any issues.

– The MongoDB Team