Modernizing Applications to MongoDB with Wipro and Informatica

Traditional technologies, like relational databases, and methodologies, like waterfall development, have a long-standing position in most organizations. For many decades, they have been the default way to build apps. But businesses need to go faster — running in real time — and today's demands exceed the limits of what’s possible with technology that’s over 30 years old. By modernizing to MongoDB, customers can build new business functionality 3-5x faster, scale to millions of users wherever they are, and cut costs by at least 70%.

MongoDB Cloud Platform — the modern data platform is uniquely positioned to solve this because:

  • It is a general-purpose, foundational database software that has significant market adoption
  • It offers a fully managed database as a service through MongoDB Atlas, allowing users to run their databases on auto-pilot
  • It extends beyond the transactional database to search, analytics, and to the edge — delivering a consistent developer experience, and eliminates the need for a sprawl of disparate and siloed data technologies to handle different workloads

Wipro has partnered with MongoDB to showcase the MongoDB Modernization Toolkit. Wipro’s Data modernization solution leverages the Informatica Power center and Informatica Intelligent Cloud Suite (IICS) to help customers move data workloads from relational databases to MongoDB.

The Modernization Toolkit includes:

  • Partner certified Informatica tools which help facilitate the movement of data from relational databases to MongoDB
  • The Application Modernization Guide which helps customers and partners identify which of their existing legacy applications are good candidates for moving to MongoDB
  • A white paper on moving from RDBMS to MongoDB

Ready to modernize? Leverage the Toolkit today.