MMS Release Notes : RHEL7 support for MongoDB Monitoring and MongoDB Backup



Our release this week is a tiny bit delayed, for those of you who are tracking it, due to an internal MongoDB engineering conference. There’s lots going on here at HQ, including but not limited to our upcoming release of MongoDB 2.8 .

As for the MMS release this week, we’ve been very busy:

UI & Core

  • Massive under-the-hood Javascript refactor
  • Additional API functionality (users can now add host aliases)
  • Changes to the settings page - users can now leave a group, add a group, and go to each group via their personal groups list


  • Additional instructions for command line for the automation agent. If you’ve never used the command line before, we’ve got you covered. There’s also a fancy copy-to-clipboard widget.
  • Ability to define CNAMEs for config servers that are provisioned on own hardware (i.e. where the customer is managing DNS themselves).


  • For backup customers, you’ll notice that restore jobs now calculates download/transfer time estimate and displays it in the UI

Agent improvements

  • New backup and monitoring agents that work with RHEL7
  • and the newest version of Monitoring Agent will now send dbStats for all databases, even if you have more than 100 of them!

Check out all these updates and more at !