MMS Release Notes , January 27 2015



This iteration we were mostly wrapping up the QA of Ops Manager 1.6 - Ops Manager 1.6 will include automation, a Windows build (backup and monitoring only), as well as an Automation API and will be releasing alongside MongoDB 3.0.

Customers will be happy to know that 2 Factor Authentication is now optional for users - you can try out the MongoDB Management Service for free without sharing your phone number with us.

Also added in this release were tons of new automation features:

  • AWS cross-account access during server provisioning instead of using API Keys
  • Provisioning of EBS Encrypted Volumes and EPS optimized instances
  • We also now support the c4 instance types, allow provisioning across 24 SSDs available in the HS1 instance type, and we will validate the security group rules when publishing the deployment. Lastly, when the Automation Agent gzips log files we will now preserve the original timestamp.

There were also updates to the monitoring and backup agents:

  • Monitoring agent (version will stagger the timing of DNS look-ups, to avoid triggering a rare issue in glibc 2.19 on Ubuntu 14.04.
  • Backup agent (version has logging improvements for Windows

Thanks for reading!