MMS Release Notes: Automation Beta, Backup Optimization, and Monitoring Agent update



This May 6th release is a jumbo one, with lots of changes as well as fun new features kicking off. For a lucky few of those customers who have indicated interest, we have enabled them for MongoDB automation. These customers will now be able to start automating their MongoDB deployment with MMS. (In case you missed our original MongoDB automation announcement, you can find out more and request access for your group here.) In addition to being able to provision AWS EC2 hardware or implement automation in their own environment, during this release we added functionality that allows the beta customers to  use the MMS UI for popular MongoDB command line options, launch instances inside a virtual private cloud, and spread servers evenly across AWS zones.  

MongoDB backup via MMS received some fine tuning behind the scenes - we improved oplog throughput by enabling the Backup Agent to send oplog slices in batches.

The Monitoring Agent received a minor update as well - we improved logging when monitoring  MongoDBs that are unreachable or on versions earlier than MongoDB 2.0.

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-Rachelle  (@techbelle)