MMS Release Notes: Automation and MongoDB 2.8 Prep Work



Another release of MMS is here!

In the realm of automation, today we are releasing the ability to provision on ephemeral SSD drives for all EC2 types.

Within the MMS UI, users can now search by replica set name, which is particularly helpful if you have hundreds of replica sets.

A new monitoring agent ( and a new backup agent ( were released - agents will now identify themselves to the MMS servers using the FQDN of the servers on which they are running.

The outlook for 2015 is “busy” – we’re just starting to roll out 2.8 across all of MMS Systems here internally, and we are sure customers are going to love all the new functionality.

On day one, we plan to have functionality for customers to easily and quickly upgrade to MongoDB, including choosing their storage engine. There will also be some changes to performance metrics in the UI - some metrics have been removed, including the old favorite “Lock %”. This is due to the fact that some metrics are no longer supported in MongoDB 2.8, and the metrics supported also depend on the storage engine chosen. 2.8 will also mean new metrics, so stay tuned for a list of those. In summary, this release was primarily pre-release prep work, which is not yet available in the UI.