Meet the MongoDB World 2018 Diversity Scholars

Danielle James


The MongoDB Diversity Scholarship program supports members of underrepresented groups in technology. Scholars receive complimentary access to the conference, training, certification, and mentorship.

Prior to MongoDB World 2018, we reviewed 200+ Diversity Scholarship applications from technologists around the globe. After days of thoughtful deliberation, we chose the newest cohort of Scholars.

Get to know the 2018 MongoDB Scholars, technologists who are ready to make an impact with their giant ideas.

Danielle Monteiro, Senior Data Architect, B3

Data architect by profession, DBA by way of passion, and developer by curiosity. I work at B3 (Brazilian Stock Exchange) and I'm the CEO of WB Soft, a consulting and database training company.

I’m also the person behind DB 4 Beginners, and teach courses in which I help developers to model and query relational and NoSQL databases so they can create great applications and get the best paying jobs.

I love tech and have a Master’s in Computer Engineering and a postgraduate degree in Business Engineering. Additionally, I’ve been recognized as a MongoDB Female Innovator and a Microsoft MVP. I love to teach courses (in person and online), participate in, and present at conferences. And to find time to sleep :)

How I started using MongoDB

One day a co-worker told me he’d never need a data architect because he used MongoDB, which has no schema. As a data architect, I felt challenged. So I bought a book on MongoDB. I finished it in one weekend and loved it! I started to study data modeling in a document structure.

My relationship with MongoDB quickly turned into a love affair. I understood that my work as a data architect was about to change. And it has changed for the better. I'm now responsible for the maintenance of incredibly complex environments.

My giant idea

Knowledge changes the world. It impacts people, opens doors, and offers possibilities. My goal is to have a positive impact on the world. This I achieve by working and studying, and applying, understanding, and sharing new learnings. Teaching MongoDB is a part of that.

You can read Danielle’s recaps of MongoDB World on DB 4 Beginners

Malak Abu Hammad, Backend Web Developer, Freelance

I’m a backend web developer, currently freelancing while I’m completing my Master’s in Computer Engineering.

When I was a kid, I was hyperactive and never sat still for more than two minutes. People told my parents that I’d become a gymnast, but I ended up spending 10 hours a day sitting. In front of my laptop.

How I started using MongoDB

I started using MongoDB in 2015. I got a task to build a report for data saved in a MongoDB database. To do so, I had to rewrite a PHP/Yii extension, because at that time MongoDB didn’t support facet search and the PHP extension didn’t support complex aggregation queries.

My giant idea

I’m working on different types of software solutions that include instances with very high input rate, monolithic solutions and solutions with microservices architecture. Regardless of the project, MongoDB proves its efficiency for huge software solutions, especially with agile software development.

Anthony Harvey, Full Stack Web Developer, Flatiron School

Before becoming a student again, I worked in the finance industry for 13 years.

Fun Fact: I delivered my second son. It was Thanksgiving Day 2015 and the doctor was making his rounds. It was just my wife, the nurse, and me in the room. The doctor was away and the delivery happened before he could run back. The nurse told me exactly what to do. I will never forget it!

How I started using MongoDB
I learned about MongoDB after reading about the different types of databases. I researched it and decided to sign up for the MongoDB Basics course on MongoDB University. I continue to take courses on MongoDB University. One of my goals is to become MongoDB certified.

My giant idea
Being able to bring an idea to life with through programming is an amazing feeling. I want to use what I’ve learned (and will continue to learn) to effect change. I’m passionate about alleviating poverty and civic engagement. I plan to use MongoDB on projects in these areas.

I am currently a Software Developer Intern at the Tech Incubator at Queens College. The Incubator is a co-working space for startups and businesses. On the student side, it is an awesome, collaborative space for students to work on various projects.

I assist in updating the website, marketing and promoting events, creating web pages, and facilitating several classes (including Cybersecurity & Learning to Code). During my free time, I enjoy learning how to dance salsa and hip-hop.

How I started using MongoDB
Since the Incubator is still a young space, we are always looking for ways to scale. We considered using MongoDB to create a more streamlined process for adding companies, keeping track of interns, managing events, and growing our space overall. MongoDB helped by providing faster querying/analysis. Once I started to use it, I enjoyed the wide range of capabilities that MongoDB offered.

My giant idea
I am interested in improving user experience for visually impaired folks. This would require transcribing images, using AI to analyze images/videos, and easier phone navigation. MongoDB would be very useful in fast querying and storing large amounts of data that is involved in that process.

Delveri Chick, Software Engineer, Anthem

I specialize in JavaScript and UX, building internal SPAs for Anthem using Angular, React, and Node.js. My wife claims I talk JavaScript in my sleep.

How I started using MongoDB
I first learned about MongoDB in 2012 in my college when it was used as a companion software to an Advanced Databases course.

My giant idea
My giant idea is to consolidate all databases under a layer that can be used to access data located in any database. MongoDB has gone a step ahead by using a pluggable storage engine architecture and I think with this, we will be able to write storage engines that allows us to query data stored in other databases right from the MongoDB shell.

Arnold Moctezuma, IT and Web Developer, Freelance

I'm currently a junior at John Jay College where I'm studying for my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Information Security. I work off-campus as an exam proctor for students preparing to take college level exams, and freelance as an IT and Web Developer. I also have previous experience as a Systems and Network Engineer with various mid-size firms in NYC. I decided to return to college in the Fall of 2016 to complete pending goals in my education and to further enhance my career goals in Computer Science and Programming.

How I started using MongoDB

I first heard of MongoDB in the fall of 2017 through a Career Day event hosted for America Needs You Fellows. I had the opportunity to tour their headquarters office in midtown Manhattan, learn about their Internship program, and sit down and network with a career panel. I was intrigued by the work the company was involved in, envisioning the many ways I could make use of their technology in my personal projects. After completing a follow up course in Advanced Linux Programming, I took to the Raspberry Pi boards along with an interest in Robotics.

My giant idea

One of the current projects I am exploring with the boards includes collecting environmental data with the Enviro-pHAT and processing this data with the collection of MongoDB software. Moving forward, I’ll be exploring several of the courses available through MongoDB University. I’ve completed my first intro course, MongoDB Basics and look forward to starting MongoDB for Developers (M101P) soon.

Kalim Fleet, Web Developer, Freelance

I’m a web developer, open source software contributor, and civic hacker. The first computer I ever used was a Kaypro IV (1984), a “portable” computer that weighed 26 pounds. I’ve developed websites and web apps for nearly 20 years, in every popular language (but my favorite is JavaScript). I love JavaScript because there is a low barrier for set up (all you need is a web browser) and it’s perfect for getting an idea prototyped and released with very little ceremony.

My favorite datastore is MongoDB because frankly, it just works. The API is fluent and familiar to me. For a developer who needs to react quickly to changing requirements, MongoDB offers everything I need.

How I started using MongoDB

My first experience using MongoDB was at a startup I worked for in 2013. It was a Rails shop and MongoDB was a great fit for the fast paced development environment needed to get the product to market.

My giant idea

I’m working on a web based app that will allow users to create, save, and share pixel art. MongoDB will host the persistence layer including user info, sessions, and pixel art (as a 2D array).

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