Introducing the Atlas SQL Interface, Connectors, and Drivers

Alexi Antonino

#MongoDB World

We’re excited to announce the Atlas SQL Interface, Connectors, and Drivers, which are now available for public preview. This feature empowers data analysts, many of whom are accustomed to working with SQL, to query and analyze Atlas data using their existing knowledge and preferred tools. Additionally, because the Atlas SQL Interface leverages Atlas Data Federation for its query engine, you can access data across Atlas clusters and cloud object stores using a single SQL query.

The Atlas SQL Connectors and Drivers allow you to connect MongoDB as a data source for your SQL-based business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools, resulting in faster insights and consistent analysis on the freshest data. You’ll be able to seamlessly create visualizations and dashboards to more easily extract hidden value in your multi-structured data — without relying on time-consuming procedures like data movement or transformation.

Currently, the Atlas SQL Tableau connector is also available with the public preview, with a PowerBI Connector and a Looker integration to follow. These specialized, tool-specific BI connectors and integrations will provide a smoother experience and enable users to leverage the unique advantages of each product — without compromising their Atlas document data in the process.

If a dedicated or “named” Atlas SQL Connector does not exist for a BI tool, you may connect using the Atlas SQL Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) or Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) drivers. Though these drivers offer access to Atlas data, note that native BI tool features may be limited. At present, the Atlas SQL JDBC Driver is available for use in preview; the Atlas SQL ODBC Driver will be released later this summer.

If you’re a Tableau user (or your preferred SQL tool is JDBC-compatible), get started today by logging into (or signing up for) Atlas and visit our Atlas SQL Interface documentation to learn more.