Get MongoDB Certified!

Shannon Bradshaw


In response to incredible demand from developers and DBA’s, we’re excited to announce MongoDB certification.

MongoDB certification offers developers and DBAs a new means to prove expertise on MongoDB and helps organizations hire and develop qualified professionals. These credentials recognize individuals with proven knowledge of the concepts and mechanics of the database and practical skills required to build applications backed by MongoDB.

Currently, we offer two exams: MongoDB Certified Developer, Associate Level and MongoDB Certified DBA, Associate Level. In the future, we will provide certification at the Professional and Master levels for each role.

The exams will be administered online through the MongoDB University platform to provide greater access for test takers around the world. In addition to multiple choice questions, the exams will contain hands-on assessments using our newly developed in-browser MongoDB shell. Certificates earned include a unique license number that can be verified through MongoDB University’s website.

The first exams run December 3-9, 2013. The cost is $150. Read more about our certification program at

MongoDB will continue to offer free online education courses and paid in-person training through MongoDB University.