Disrupting the Database Industry: MongoDB Named CNBC Disruptor 4th Year in a Row

Andrea Dooley


For the fourth year in a row, MongoDB has been recognized as one of CNBC’s Disruptor 50 Companies. With more than 800 nominations this year, the list comprises 50 organizations across all spaces from technology, to education, to apparel. All organizations “question established norms and discover billion-dollar opportunities”..

According to CNBC, “In the process, they are creating new ecosystems for their products and services. Unseating corporate giants is no easy feat. But we ranked those venture capital–backed companies doing the best job.”

With the launch of MongoDB 3.4 and the database as a service MongoDB Atlas this year, it is especially gratifying to see our name appear once again alongside some of the world’s most innovative organizations. When the database was originally created in 2007, it was designed to address development and scalability issues of traditional database approaches by processing huge data sets in a fraction of the time. In the ten years since, we have seen MongoDB downloaded over 20 million times, are present in over 100 countries, expanded to the cloud, established office locations worldwide, and are the trusted partner of more than half of the Fortune 100.

The final Disruptor 50 list was ultimately determined by CNBC's Disruptor 50 Advisory Council. The council deemed that two of the most important criteria for this years list were user growth and scalability, and it was those qualities that held the most weight when selecting the final 50. For more information on how the list was created, read about CNBC’s methodology.

The unique ability of our teams to leverage feedback from our community of users and customers to make updates, quickly release new features, and develop new products and services is how we’ve managed to remain a prevalent disruptor in the database space. Throughout the last decade we have learned as an organization to be incredible nimble, flexible, and adaptable to the rapidly changing world.

Thank you to CNBC for recognizing our efforts and our vision. We appreciate the nomination, and look forward to next year!