Atlas Edge Server is Now in Public Preview

We’re excited to announce that Atlas Edge Server is now in public preview! Any developer on Atlas can now deploy Edge Server for their connected infrastructure. Learn more in our docs or get started today.

Developers value MongoDB’s developer data platform for the flexibility and ease of use of the document model, as well as for helpful tools like search and charts that simplify data management. As a crucial component of our Atlas for the Edge solution, Atlas Edge Server extends these capabilities to remote and network-constrained environments.

First announced at MongoDB.local London 2023, Atlas for the Edge enables local data processing and management within edge environments and across edge devices, reducing latency, enhancing performance, and allowing for disconnection resilience.

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What's new in public preview?

One of our top priorities is providing developers with a seamless experience when managing their data and applications. We continuously seek to enhance this experience, which is why, starting today, Atlas Edge Server can be directly downloaded, configured, and managed through the Atlas UI.

Developers who deploy from the Atlas UI will be able to choose between two onboarding flows to ensure that their configuration is tailored to their needs. This includes both developers who want to connect their edge server with a MongoDB driver or client, and those who want to support connecting to the Edge Server via Device Sync.

Why Atlas Edge Server?

While edge computing brings data processing closer to end-users and offers substantial benefits, such as network resilience and increased security, a number of challenges inherent to edge computing can make it difficult to fully leverage. Edge computing challenges include managing complex networks, handling large volumes of data, and addressing security concerns, any of which can deter organizations from adopting edge computing. Additionally, the costs associated with building, maintaining, and scaling edge computing systems can be significant.

Atlas for the Edge and Atlas Edge Server alleviate these challenges. Atlas Edge Server provides a MongoDB instance equipped with a synchronization server that can be deployed on local or remote infrastructure. It enables real-time synchronization, conflict resolution, and disconnection tolerance. This ensures that mission-critical applications and devices operate seamlessly, even with intermittent connectivity. Edge Server allows for selective synchronization of only modified fields, conserving bandwidth and prioritizing crucial data transfers to Atlas. It also maintains edge client functionality even with intermittent cloud connectivity, preventing disruptions to essential operations like inventory management and point-of-sale systems. Processing data locally reduces latency and enables rapid data insights, reducing dependency on central databases.

We'll meet you at the edge

The Public Preview of Atlas Edge Server underscores MongoDB’s ongoing commitment to enhancing our developer data platform for distributed infrastructures. As we continue to invest in Atlas for the Edge, MongoDB’s goal is to equip teams with a robust data solution that not only offers an exceptional developer experience but also empowers them to drive innovative solutions for their businesses and customers.

Get started today, or visit the Atlas for the Edge web page to learn more about how companies are benefiting from our edge solution.