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MongoDB World 2017 Recap

Thank you to our attendees and sponsors who attended MongoDB World 2017! Were you unable to make the event? Don’t worry. We’ve put together our favorite highlights from this year’s conference. MongoDB World Video Recap Launch of MongoDB Stitch Backend as a Service (BaaS) We released a beta of MongoDB Stitch , our BaaS for MongoDB, designed for the way modern web and mobile apps are built. Stitch is the next phase of MongoDB's mission to dramatically increase developer productivity by eliminating routine and undifferentiated tasks. The service lets you focus on building the app users want instead of taking time to write boilerplate backend logic. Stitch also provides developers full access to MongoDB, the ability to declare fine-grained data access controls, and composability with other services - whether those be internal microservices, or external web services such as FaceBook and Google for authentication, Twilio, Slack, AWS (S3, SES, SQS), GCM, and more. The MongoDB Stitch FAQ is a great place to learn more. MongoDB Atlas Database as a Service: Now Available on GCP and Azure We have extended the availability of MongoDB Atlas beyond Amazon Web Services (AWS) to include Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure. The addition of support for Azure and GCP allows teams to easily gain the productivity benefits from MongoDB’s flexible data model and expressive query language on their preferred public cloud. Organizations can feel confident that their managed MongoDB deployments are in close proximity to their applications, secure, always on, and fully elastic. Eliot Horowitz Keynote At MongoDB World, Eliot Horowitz, CTO and Co-Founder, explained his commitment to improving, expanding, and innovating on MongoDB. Along with the launch of Stitch and expanding Atlas, Eliot also discussed the forthcoming MongoDB 3.6 release and announced some exciting new features. New improvements include: Extending the $lookup operator to support more expressive JOIN operators Strict document validation for data governance Change streams, implementing an API on top of the oplog Retryable writes, meaning the MongoDB driver will automatically retry writes in the event of failure Watch the full session here to learn even more about these new features. 2017 Innovation Award Winners Honored The annual MongoDB Innovation Awards recognized organizations and individuals that are creating groundbreaking applications. These projects represent the best and most innovative work in the industry over the last year. A full list of the winners and a brief description of their projects is outlined in our blog post . Startup Accelerator The MongoDB Startup Accelerator helps early-stage startups access services that will help grow their business by offering products, support, and resources aimed at helping them succeed. MongoDB and AWS have partnered to offer MongoDB Atlas credits, technical support, and mentorship to select startups, enabling them to scale their businesses. Advocacy We hosted our annual Advocacy Summit, where we invited 50 of our community leaders for an opportunity to connect with the MongoDB team and meet other fellow Advocates face-to-face. The Advocates got to meet the engineering team, offer product feedback, and share their knowledge and expertise with other practitioners. Partner Summit Over 120 participants from 60+ partner organizations, including global service integrators, OEM, consulting and services firms, resellers and technology companies, attended the 3rd Annual MongoDB Partner Summit. MongoDB executives shared our vision with the MongoDB partner ecosystem. We discussed how MongoDB is addressing the top challenges facing enterprises, and how we can work together with our partners to deliver enhanced value to our customers. Attendees were briefed on our proven best practices and frameworks to help organizations establish a single view, modernize legacy applications, operate leaner by offloading reliance on mainframes and embrace emerging technologies, such as blockchain. The summit also featured a fireside chat with Ben Falk , former VP of Basketball Strategy for Philadelphia 76ers, who discussed the rapid adoption of analytics in sports to make smarter decisions on and off the field. The open and interactive format of the summit allowed us to gather invaluable feedback, and provide attendees with insights into future areas of technology investment. Top Customer Sessions Take a look at some of our top rated customer sessions! Want to watch more? Head over to our website which has over 80 recordings from MongoDB World! Comcast: Private-Cloud Self-Service MongoDB at Scale 200 Application Arch When architecting a MongoDB application, one of the most difficult questions to answer is how much hardware am I going to need for an application, and how do you estimate your monthly AWS, Azure, or GCP costs given a description of a new application. In this session, Jay Runkel, Principal Solution Architect at MongoDB & Jayson Hurd at Comcast, help you answer these questions. Best Practices for Running MongoDB on AWS: A Snagajob Case Study In this session, the Snagajob team discusses their migration to AWS and how following MongoDB's best practice recommendations helped in shaping Snagajob's next-generation platform. This platform provides a future-proof architecture that is scalable, performs under load, and is secure. MongoDB Atlas - eHarmony’s New Message Store Communication is an integral part of eHarmony’s business. In this presentation, the eHarmony team covers how they were able to leverage MongoDB Atlas to overcome communication challenges they were facing, to build a highly successful real time communication system for its users. If you weren’t able to join us in Chicago for MongoDB World 2017, don’t worry, we have some upcoming events you won’t want to miss: MongoDB on Tour SF Join us on October 12th in San Francisco to hear from the team that builds the database, including CTO and Co-Founder Eliot Horowitz at MongoDB on Tour SF! Come ready to learn all about the fundamentals to advanced techniques of app design and performance management. The day will be filled with hands-on, deep-dive technical sessions, equipping you with the tools you need to build and deploy your giant ideas. Register now! MongoDB Europe Couldn’t make it to MongoDB World 2017 or want to relive the excitement? MongoDB Europe is November 8th! It is the best one day educational conference that provides technical knowledge and new skills to accelerate your use of MongoDB. This event will feature some of our greatest sessions and presenters, as well as new product announcements. You won’t want to miss out, so don’t forget to register now!

July 24, 2017