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Announcing the 2015 MongoDB Masters

Thanks to everyone who submitted nominations for MongoDB Masters this year! The continued support of our community has propelled MongoDB to become the fastest growing database ecosystem. Today we’re excited to recognize the leaders that have contributed to our vibrant and growing community through the MongoDB Masters program. What is the MongoDB Masters program? MongoDB Masters is an annual program run by MongoDB to recognize and empower leaders in the MongoDB community. Masters serve as ambassadors, leaders, educators, and experts sharing their first-hand knowledge and experience. Masters complete MongoDB professional certification to demonstrate their expertise. The Masters participate in regular q&a sessions with MongoDB engineering, get private preview to MongoDB products and services and an invitation to our annual Masters Summit at MongoDB World . What are the criteria for membership this year? Regularly engage with the community, both online and offline Demonstrate expertise in MongoDB, including a willingness to become a certified MongoDB professional Serve as an advocate for MongoDB and the community Provide feedback on new MongoDB releases and MongoDB products Announcing 2015 Masters Without further ado, this year’s MongoDB Masters: Atilla Tozser, Amadeus Beibei Xiao, Baidu Cesar Trigo, Gigigo Charity Majors, Parse/Facebook Dai Shi, Foursquare Doug Garrett, Genentech Flavio Percoco, Red Hat Gustavo Niemeyer, Canonical Jai Hirsch, CARFAX Jared Cottrell, MongoLab Jeff Berger, Sailthru Johannes Brandstetter, comSysto Jongmyun Joo, Plan Information Technology Jorge Puente Sarrín, RebelMouse Katia Aresti, Aresti Development Kenny Gorman, ObjectRocket by Rackspace Kevin Cearns, Entuit Enterprise Solutions Mark Callaghan, Facebook Michael Kennedy, DevelopMentor Michael Poremba, Practice Fusion Nick Martin, Meteor Nicola Iarocci, CIR 2000 Nuri Halperin, N+ Consulting Pedro Pessoa, Server Density Rick Copeland, Synapp.io Robert J Moore, Allan Bank Consulting Russell Smith, Rainforest QA Sigfrido Narvaez, Sage Tom Leach, GameChanger Travis Redman, Parse/Facebook Trisha Gee, Jet Brains William Kennedy, Ardan Studios We look forward to this group’s continued contribution to MongoDB. If you're interesting in using or learning more about MongoDB, you can start by signing up to learn how to use it on university.mongodb.com or visit one of our globally hosted MUGs (MongoDB User Groups) in your area. You can follow this year's MongoDB Masters on Twitter here . Learn MongoDB   About the Author - Michael Michael Calvert is the global community manager at MongoDB. Prior to MongoDB he was a founding employee at Disqus as their first community manager. During his 6 years there, he helped drive growth from 13k to over 1.4+ billion monthly unique visitors and was involved in all parts of the business from managing and scaling community, product development, business development with key partners, creating and managing events, and marketing. In his free time he creates video games and has a passion for corgis.

March 9, 2015

MongoDB Masters Nominations Now Open

We’re excited to announce that we are opening nominations for membership in the MongoDB Masters. New members will be announced at the end of January. What are MongoDB Masters? The MongoDB Masters program is run by MongoDB to recognize and empower leaders in the MongoDB community. Masters serve as advocates, educators, and experts sharing their first-hand knowledge and experience. What are the criteria for membership? Because the MongoDB community is constantly changing, there is no set formula for becoming a MongoDB Master. At a high level, members are recognized as influencers who regularly engage with the community. We also look at the group as a whole. We want the Masters to represent a diverse range of perspectives: developers and operators, code contributors and evangelists, startups and enterprises, side projects and mission critical apps -- all across the spectrum of race, gender, age, and nationality. Masters display expertise by actively engaging in some or all of the following activities: Operating MongoDB in production - Run a large MongoDB deployment - Manage a number of MongoDB deployments - Examples: Charity Majors, Production Engineering Manager at Parse, who shared her experiences in a keynote at MongoDB World or Jai Hirsch, ‎Senior Systems Architect at CARFAX Contributing to open source projects using MongoDB - Maintain a third party MongoDB project or a popular open source project that uses MongoDB - Contribute directly to the MongoDB drivers, documentation, or server projects, either those maintained by MongoDB Inc or third party - Example: Gustavo Niemeyer , author of the Go driver for MongoDB Supporting MongoDB users - Contribute answers on MongoDB-user or MongoDB questions on StackExchange - Provide mentorship to technical staff at a company new to using MongoDB - Example: Nuri Halperin, recipient of the Zola Award Teaching MongoDB - Speak regularly about MongoDB at conferences or local user groups - Write educational blog posts, tutorials, books or articles published on the MongoDB blog or a 3rd party blog included on Planet MongoDB - Support a local MongoDB community through a user group or similar organizational leadership activity - Teach online or university courses on MongoDB - Example: Russell Smith, organizer of the San Francisco MongoDB User Group How are Masters selected? Masters are nominated by members of the community. To nominate MongoDB Masters, submit your suggestions via the online form . Masters are re-evaluated each January to ensure the program includes active community contributors. Should a Master not be accepted to the program for a subsequent year, they will be moved to “emeritus” status and will be unable to claim the benefits outlined below. What are the benefits of membership to the Masters? MongoDB Masters program benefits include: Quarterly Q&A with MongoDB engineering and product management Invitation to the annual MongoDB Masters Summit Private preview to MongoDB products & services Profiles displayed on MongoDB.org Networking with other MongoDB Masters Discounted enrollment in online certification Access to on-demand training courses Masters designation in the online forums (mongodb-user group) Swag :) We look forward to your nominations! Community participation provides us with the feedback required to make our product better, for users to share experiences, and for the expansion of knowledge and expertise around MongoDB. We’re looking forward to seeing your nominations and for announcing the next Masters! NOMINATE A MONGODB MASTER

January 8, 2015