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Three Tips for Writing Your Customer Success Resume

So you’re interested in joining our Customer Success team. We’re thrilled you’ve identified MongoDB as a potential next step in your career! Before applying to one of our many open positions globally, take some time to read through these top three tips for what our Customer Success recruiters look for when reviewing applications. Less is more I’m a big fan of keeping resumes simple. Fun graphics, fonts, colors, and styles may be eye-catching, but at times they can also be distracting. Resumes that are easy to follow get noticed the most and showcase your expertise the best. If a resume’s format is hard to follow or in a hard-to-read font, a recruiter or hiring manager may miss some key points related to your experience that you wanted to highlight. Consider how you will organize the information you are presenting and which accomplishments you will highlight. This can often be an indicator of how you would present information to a customer! It’s a good idea to stick to a format where company names are highlighted in a larger font with short bullet points summarizing your day-to-day responsibilities and accomplishments underneath. Focus on your most recent role or experience that is the closest fit for the role you are applying to. Identify keywords and details in the job description Resumes that highlight key responsibilities and skills listed in the job description really stand out! We do not expect candidates to have all the skills required for our positions since Customer Success can vary across industries and organizations, but be sure to highlight the relevant skills you have that you can bring to MongoDB. It’s great to also showcase that you have a willingness to learn our technology, are coachable, and have progressed in your career. Try to tell a story with your resume and show the Recruiting team the skills you have gained through your past experiences. If you’ve spent any spare time upskilling, I recommend highlighting it to show your enthusiasm for learning and self-development. If you have been involved in any projects outside your core role that you think may be of interest to the team, you can add those too! Highlight details that showcase your experiences My final tip for applying to a role in Customer Success is to share the right details on your resume. Day-to-day responsibilities are great to list, but also make sure to share important details such as what type of customers you work with (SMB vs. Enterprise, for example), how many customers you manage in your portfolio, the region or industry you support, your current KPIs, and any significant achievements you have made in your current or previous roles. We have several teams within Customer Success at MongoDB focusing on different types of customers and regions, so this will help us to identify quickly which team your experience is more aligned with. These are just a few useful tips from my experience hiring for our Customer Success teams here at MongoDB. Be sure to check out our website to learn more about our Global Customer Success program and view our open roles . We hope to see you in the interview process soon! Interested in pursuing a career at MongoDB? We have several open roles on our teams across the globe and would love for you to transform your career with us!

September 30, 2021