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An Open Letter to the Attendees of MongoDB World 2016: Staying Fit Throughout the Conference

Dear World 2016 conference attendees, Looking forward to the fun and excitement of MongoDB World ? Conferences are great for the brain, but the waistline often suffers. I joined MongoDB two years ago, it’s been fantastic in every respect but twenty-eight….pounds that is. Constant travel to events and many late nights with peanut butter M&Ms have taken their toll. Unfortunately, this is a typical side effect of our busy high-tech lives. Can you relate? The MongoDB Events team is on your side. We’ve worked in opportunities to squeeze in some activity at MongoDB World. Here are 10 ways to ensure that increased MongoDB knowledge and great connections are the only after effects of a rewarding week at MongoDB World: Gluten free, vegetarian, and low fat options will be available at all meals. Fill up your plate with mostly healthy stuff and save a corner for decadence. Stay hydrated. We'll have water stations all around. For every cup of coffee, drink a glass of water. Go easy on the booze at the after party. A full bar is at your service, but why not alternate each cocktail with a glass of water? You’ll thank us in the morning. Speaking of the after party - we’ve supplied the world’s best Indie dance band, They Might be Giants . Dance to “ Istanbul Not Constantinople ” and “ You Are Not the Boss of Me Now ” for your daily dose of aerobic activity. Work in some movement during the day. If you don't have time for a full workout, no biggie. The conference hotel, the New York Hilton , takes up a huge city block. Go for a walk around the building and you've covered a quarter of a mile. Take the long way. Conference activities are spread out among three floors. Skip the escalator and climb the stairs. Pace yourself, literally. If you need to take a call, pace the halls instead of finding a chair. There will be a lot of open spaces for you to explore. Get a quick workout in. The gym at the conference hotel is open 24 hours. Book a room at a discounted rate and get your sweat on. Run with MongoDB . Join our engineering VPs for an early morning run through Central Park. All speeds are welcome. We will have front and back guides and multiple pacers. Join our yoga class at MongoDB World , run by MongoDB Senior Paralegal, Minh Cannon. I’ve incorporated many of these changes into my regimen, and they’ve made a huge difference. I’ve lost fifteen pounds! Do you have conference fitness strategies of your own? Share them in the MongoDB World Hub ! You can earn points, win prizes, and impact the event by selecting songs for the playlist and questions for Adam Savage. Hope to see you at MongoDB World! If you see me sitting down, make me walk the hallway. Sincerely, Dina Jacobson Sr. Manager, Global Events At MongoDB World 2016 in New York City, you'll experience first-hand how the world's fastest-growing database is powering today's innovations and can help you gain a competitive advantage. Learn more about MongoDB World

May 2, 2016