The Decision Maker's Guide to CSP Billing Modernization

Download the white paper today to go from legacy to leader with modern architecture and data management approaches. Billing is an increasingly complex and vital part of the underlying business of communication service providers (CSPs). From operational workloads to customer insights, billing is simultaneously a core business process and a central tenet of the end-customer experience. Both business and customer experience functions share a common trait: They rely on a complete and accurate accounting of the underlying customer base. Collating this customer information, which is crucial for smooth operation and making informed business decisions, is far from trivial. This is largely due to the unique internal systems and data architectures that span across the tens or sometimes hundreds of internal business units at a given CSP. CSPs also have many different product offerings, often under completely different divisions, with each using a different system. In addition, consolidation in the market has resulted in many mergers and acquisitions, with each business bringing its own systems and customers to be integrated. This has driven many large CSPs to begin modernizing and rationalizing their billing functions to embrace modern architectures and data management approaches. When done successfully, this can yield significant improvements in customer experience while at the same time reducing costs — critical in an increasingly competitive marketplace with compressed margins and rising customer expectations.

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Expectation Versus Reality For Payments Data Monetisation

2021 Payments Analyst Report: The Time is Now For Payments Data Monetisation A March 2021 global survey conducted by Celent, the leading research and advisory firm focused on technology for financial institutions globally, in partnership with MongoDB and Icon Solutions, shows what corporate clients want from their data-led services, and how companies plan to monetize payment data and support compliance with ISO 20022. At the core of this are two global surveys of senior executives, which in combination provide an in-depth view over both the demand and supply ends of the value chain. Interviews with treasurers and CFOs at 217 corporates has identified common business challenges, demand for new services and – crucially – willingness to pay for service enhancements In tandem, a survey of 168 senior bank executives has given us a unique understanding of how banks plan to address these growing customer needs Research highlights Investment in payments data monetisation is growing with 38% of banks reporting that supporting payments data monetisation initiatives is a clear objective of their payment infrastructure investments Corporates are willing to pay for many value-adding services with 79% of banks believing that demand among corporate clients for data-led services is increasing The time to invest in payments data monetization is now with 32% of corporates wanting greater assistance from their bank partners around ISO20022 and 74% of banks seeing ISO20022 migration as an investment opportunity in new data-led services 77% of corporates that value analytics-driven tools to support their decision making would pay to access this functionality, The most sought-after payment data services by corporate clients were consolidated real-time data from multiple banks in a single dashboard (38%), real-time cash forecasting (37%) and better security and fraud protection (36%) Corporates are always looking for the best service with 69% saying they would consider moving business to providers that can bring greater operational efficiencies Download the report to find out how you can leverage your payments data to open up greater opportunities. You can also watch a panel discussion hosted by Fintech Finance discussing the results. By filling in this form you are agreeing to MongoDB sharing your details with Icon Solutions who participated in this report.

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