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Legacy Modernization with MongoDB Webinar

Traditional technologies like relational databases and methodologies like waterfall development have a long-standing position in most organizations. For many decades, they have been the default way to build apps. But businesses need to move faster and meet demands that exceed the limits of what’s possible with 30+ year old technology. To address these challenges, many organizations, including government departments and the world’s largest banks, are modernizing their application portfolios . During this session we covered migration stories from some of these organizations and the best practices we’ve learnt along the way. Hear how MongoDB helped the UK’s Department for Work and Pensions rapidly make sense of a portfolio of 180 applications and build a roadmap to reap the benefits of migration to MongoDB. Find out how a global Tier 1 bank replatformed their legacy trading platform from Sybase to MongoDB to increase the speed with which they are able to offer new products to market. These best practices have been brought together in the MongoDB Application Modernization Factory . Watch this on-demand webinar to find out how we can help you: Accelerate the assessment, prioritization, and redesign of a portfolio of legacy apps Quantify the economic value of change and build a roadmap for delivery Harness MongoDB design patterns and best practices throughout the application development lifecycle Get in touch to learn more about building an Application Modernization Factory, review use-cases, and more.

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