MongoDB & AWS Fraud Detection Immersion Day

Watch MongoDB and Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a deep dive workshop into Fraud Detection with MongoDB Atlas and Amazon SageMaker Canvas. Existing fraud detection systems often grapple with a critical limitation – relying on stale data – which limits the ability to access data in real-time to prevent fraudulent activities before they happen. In this eWorkshop, participants will discover how to architect, design, build, and deploy applications on AWS with MongoDB. By harnessing operational real-time data, fraud detection models can be trained on the most accurate and relevant data available. MongoDB Atlas and SageMaker Canvas enables institutions to proactively identify and combat fraudulent activities, safeguarding systems and protecting customers. In the workshop, you will learn: How to use MongoDB Atlas through AWS Marketplace How to identify and prevent fraudulent activities or transactions with a modern architecture Data analytics and machine learning techniques to identify patterns and anomalies How to monitor transactions in real-time, analyse historical data, and flag any suspicious activity for further investigation MongoDB Atlas and Amazon SageMaker Canvas stand as formidable allies in detecting and preventing fraud. MongoDB Atlas proves its strength as an operational data store, accommodating high-volume transactional data with exceptional performance and flexibility. Meanwhile, Amazon SageMaker Canvas empowers business analysts to leverage AI/ML solutions effortlessly, providing a no-code platform that brings the power of advanced analytics to their fingertips.

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