Modernisation Webinar: Moving Workloads from Relational Databases to MongoDB's Document Model

Speaker: Boris Bialek, Global Head of Innovation + Industry Solutions, MongoDB MongoDB is a general-purpose, document model database that supports modern, mission-critical applications around the globe. Developers have consistently ranked MongoDB as one of the most wanted databases for many years, the main reason being the document model, which is a natural fit to modern object-programming frameworks and provides developers the fastest way to innovate in building transactional, operational, and analytical applications. In this webinar, we discussed how to get started with the modernization of applications on relational databases to the document model with MongoDB. Based on a practical example from the financial sector, we looked into the conversion of an application and its move to the cloud. At the end we introduced the MongoDB Smoke Estimator which allows you to build a quick business case for a successful conversion. No matter where you are in your data management journey, MongoDB offers a simplified, strategic solution that enables greater innovation with the flexibility to take risks without risking it all. This webinar introduced the simple steps to modernize and innovate traditional relational DB infrastructures to a flexible MongoDB data platform and will cover the following: Benefits and business value provided by an agile and flexible data infrastructure for application development Step-by-step migration strategy of relational database applications to the MongoDB document model, using an example from the financial sector Introduction to the Smoke Estimator, which allows you to generate a business case for the migration of your applications

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