Cloud migration strategies – navigating legacy infrastructure

Many banks are confronting challenges with monolithic legacy infrastructure amidst the transition to the cloud. In the process of shutting down data centers to migrate to the cloud, financial institutions are realizing the need to reap the benefits of the cloud with an increasing urgency, mitigating risk and saving costs for their company in the process. There is no silver bullet to modernize quickly and effectively, but there are ways to implement cloud native microservices that can combat recurring concerns such as losing domain knowledge, lack of documentation, and the high costs of navigating legacy applications. In order to modernize businesses with legacy applications that are difficult to navigate, cloud native solutions need to prioritize migrating and improving applications simultaneously. Therefore, the process of digitally decoupling from older applications will be streamlined. Watch this Finextra webinar with MongoDB, BNY Mellon, and Accenture to hear the panel of industry experts discuss: What approaches can financial institutions take to modernize legacy applications? How can banks and fintechs overcome risk in the transition to cloud? Why is it essential for financial institutions to expedite their cloud migration processes? What innovations are currently in play in transitioning data centers to the cloud? Speakers you will hear from: Gary Wright - Head of Research, Finextra (Moderator) Boris Bialek - Managing Director, Industry Solutions, MongoDB Sandipan Chanda - Managing Director, Accenture Ralph Comulada - Managing Director, Head of Enterprise Financial Messaging & Compliance Technology, BNY Mellon

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