The Keys to Modernizing Legacy Application Data Frameworks in Support of Digital Transformation Objectives

A panel discussion with Accenture, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and MongoDB Digital transformation and cloud migration technology are top of mind in today’s boardrooms, and understandably so. Yet it’s easy to see how distractions from the shiny new items can lead to neglect of the legacy systems in place—which continue to shoulder the fulfillment of vital organizational tasks. This neglect often leads to the isolation and segregation of legacy applications and data from the rest of the organization, which can be messy—financially and otherwise. While focusing on enterprise-wide technology modernization initiatives and introducing hybrid-cloud strategies, how can companies avoid the costly mistake of leaving out valuable legacy applications and therefore impeding the continuous delivery of value during this transitional time? In this webcast, leaders from MongoDB, Accenture, and AWS will discuss how organizations can accelerate the migration of business-critical applications and data from siloed legacy environments to integrated cloud-native platforms that work across on-prem and cloud infrastructures. Tune in to learn about: Modernizing legacy applications and data for integration into cloud-native infrastructures consisting of on-prem and cloud resources Operational considerations of lift-and-shift vs refactoring Financial implications of legacy application, data modernization, and integration projects Constructive tech management principles for ongoing legacy transformation efforts You will hear from: Jim Malone: Senior Content Director at CIO Marketing Services (moderator) Pradeep Dhananjaya: Banking Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS Joerg Schmuecker: Director, Financial Services Industry Solutions at MongoDB John Nerenberg: Managing Director at Accenture Steve Meyer: Principal Director at Accenture

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MongoDB & AWS Fraud Detection Immersion Day

Watch MongoDB and Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a deep dive workshop into Fraud Detection with MongoDB Atlas and Amazon SageMaker Canvas. Existing fraud detection systems often grapple with a critical limitation – relying on stale data – which limits the ability to access data in real-time to prevent fraudulent activities before they happen. In this eWorkshop, participants will discover how to architect, design, build, and deploy applications on AWS with MongoDB. By harnessing operational real-time data, fraud detection models can be trained on the most accurate and relevant data available. MongoDB Atlas and SageMaker Canvas enables institutions to proactively identify and combat fraudulent activities, safeguarding systems and protecting customers. In the workshop, you will learn: How to use MongoDB Atlas through AWS Marketplace How to identify and prevent fraudulent activities or transactions with a modern architecture Data analytics and machine learning techniques to identify patterns and anomalies How to monitor transactions in real-time, analyse historical data, and flag any suspicious activity for further investigation MongoDB Atlas and Amazon SageMaker Canvas stand as formidable allies in detecting and preventing fraud. MongoDB Atlas proves its strength as an operational data store, accommodating high-volume transactional data with exceptional performance and flexibility. Meanwhile, Amazon SageMaker Canvas empowers business analysts to leverage AI/ML solutions effortlessly, providing a no-code platform that brings the power of advanced analytics to their fingertips.

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Prevent and Detect Fraud Before it Happens with Confluent and MongoDB

Learn how to protect your business and your customers with real-time fraud detection and prevention from Confluent and MongoDB. Building out a fraud prevention system around legacy systems is complex to design and maintain, making it difficult to adapt to new types of fraud, struggle to handle large volumes of data, and lack strong security and auditing capabilities. Increase the speed of insights to quickly identify fraud with app-driven analytics. Integrate with AI/ML platforms to efficiently process trillions of data points, gaining the actionable intelligence needed for real-time, predictive fraud prevention. Together, we help organizations like yours easily manage data in real-time to prevent fraudulent activity. Watch this webinar to: Enable real-time fraud detection Prevent or minimize data and financial loss Ensure business continuity and reduce downtime Transform existing fraud tools with data stream processing and analytics to enable real-time fraud detection Connect, curate and integrate relevant data in real time to dynamically create threat scores and catch anomalies as they occur Identify abnormal patterns, detect and prevent malicious behavior, and automate critical real-time response Address data silos by unifying data into a single unified data store Easily integrate with AI/ML platforms for predictive fraud decisioning Presented By Peter Pugh-Jones: Director of Financial Services at Confluent Shiv Pullepu: Principal for Financial Services Industry Solutions at MongoDB

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