Scalable IoT Projects with MongoDB: Gaining Value from IoT & Digital Twins

A Digital Twin is a digital replica of a physical entity; the Internet of Things is a system of interrelated devices. While companies with sound IoT solutions can generate a compound effect on revenues and cost north of 15%, only ~30% of relevant IoT projects are in company-wide roll-out as delivering IoT at scale requires the ability to extract, interpret, and harmonize data from disparate systems that were not designed to work together. In our daily lives as Solutions Architects at MongoDB, we are always involved in our clients' initiatives and saw more than 100 emerging and productive projects in the context of IoT and Digital Twins - ranging from service applications for water heaters to the global industry-leading IoT platforms. Based on the common customer pains and success factors we developed an end-to-end overview of Digital Twins as well as a practical guideline for realizing a blueprint that consists of the process model, reference architecture, and implementation that are outlined in this presentation. This talk introduces how to use MongoDB for IoT projects. It covers best practices from a business and technological perspective. The content will allow you to easily evaluate MongoDB for Digital Twin and IoT projects as well as scaling the project from proof of concept into production. Attendees only require a basic knowledge of IoT and MongoDB to gain value from the talk.

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